Montessori Toddler Wardrobe & Shelves (Australia)

For Australian parent’s out there, Bunning’s has come out with a super handy collection of shelves that suit for Montessori Toddler wardrobe as well as for Montessori work shelves.

I have quickly crafted some examples of what you can do with these shelves. So, if you are looking for an Australian Montessori Shelf, look no further.

Couldn’t have asked for a more budget friendly Montessori wardrobe set-up and affordable Montessori shelf. All options under $50 AUD.

Below I have quickly thrown together some photo examples of ways you can use these as Montessori toddler wardrobe, Montessori baby toy shelf, Montessori Bookshelf, and Montessori entryway.

DIY Montessori Shelf in Australia from Bunnings flat pack. Four styles shown, all white shelves.
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Here are the collection of shelves on display at Bunning’s. All are under $50 AUD and can’t be beat as a DIY Montessori wardobe/shelf option.

The two below are especially useful for Montessori purposes. Again this is in the Australian Bunning’s store.

Quick idea list of ways to use these:

  • Montessori Toddler Wardrobe
  • Montessori Entryway
  • Montessori Work Shelf
  • Craft Station
  • Kitchen Station
  • Cleaning Station
  • and More!
Montessori Wardrobe Australia
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Budget Friendly Montessori Toddler Wardrobe

Example of Montessori Toddler Closet (AU)

Montessori Wardrobe Australia example with white Bunnings shelf and clothes hanging with pants folded on shelf within.
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Above is an example of what a Montessori toddler wardrobe could look like with these shelves.

You would want to leave out one shelf in assembly, and add a hanging dowel rod.

Great height for toddlers up and young children.

We plan to use it in our boys shared bedroom as a wardrobe. We got two and will eventually set-up the second one for our bub.

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Example of Use as Montessori Entryway

Montessori Entryway Australia example with DIY Montessori Entryway set-up for Montessori toddler coat rack.  Blue jack, hat, backpack, and shoes stored in this white open shelf.
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Here you can see how the shelf could be used for a toddler Montessori entryway.

Again, exclude one shelf and add a hanging dowel and you’re all set to put this next to the door.

Alternatively, you could add command hook to the side or above the jacket for the hat.

This again, was just a quick example I put together to demonstrate how you can use it yourself.

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Budget Friendly Montessori Shelf (Australia)

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Real Life Example of Montessori Shelf (AU)

Example of Montessori Shelf set-up with Montessori work on a Bunnings shelf.
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Above is a quick example of how you can use the shelves horizontally for the purpose of a Montessori shelf for toddlers or babies.

You could have the long open shelf on top or bottom. You can modify which way you lay it to suit your needs.

Your can see see our Montessori shelf at 12 months which would pair well with Montessori wardrobe if you need ideas on what to put on shelves.

Monti & Me is another great resource that is new in Australia for Montessori toys (extremely similar to Lovery)

Having the open shelf on bottom is a great option for Montessori baby exploration baskets.

Australia Montessori book shelf example with white shelf and 7 books sat upright with a toy loader machine on bottom shelf.
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Another option is to use the shelf for books.

I quickly whipped this up to demonstrate how you can have related books displayed (top is animals, bottom is machines).

You can really utilize these shelves for a variety of Montessori purposes, which is why I wanted to quickly share this with fellow Montessori friends in the Australian community.

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Final thoughts on DIY Montessori Bunnings Shelves

Hope you have found these examples useful and can make use of some of these ideas.

It’s been the first easily accessible Montessori shelf option for our regional area so I wanted to share it as soon as I could write.

There are heaps of ways you can utilize these shelves by turning them on different sides and even stacking or connecting them. Options are endless, just find what works for you!

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Australia Montessori Shelf / Montessori Wardrobe Australia[2021]

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  1. Wow, I just came across your blog on google after trying to find a simple toddler shelf… for under $300… surprisingly difficult despite being made of MDF! This is perfect and exactly what I’m after. Thank you for sharing!!


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