Frugal Montessori Kmart Finds (Australia)

Inside: After a quick trip to Kmart I noted the items that follow Montessori at home style and wanted to share them with others who need to do Montessori on a budget. All of these items are $10 or less! They were found in regular ol’ Kmart in Australia.

Get Montessori Style Toys on a Budget

These are a few Montessori style toys you can find in Kmart in Australia that are budget friendly. I use some of these at home with my own little boy who is under 2.

This wooden block puzzle uses real life animal images and could be used in variety of ways.

  • As a way for child to name animal and sound they make.
  • To match with a figurine version of animal
  • For older children matching animal to geographical continent
  • these are just a few ideas…
montessori animals puzzle from Kmart AU
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Very common toy seen on Montessori “shelfie’s”, the ring stacker. I use this one with my little boy at home with the wicker baskets mentioned further down. It’s been used for months now, starting at 7 months for us.

kmart ring stacker montessori toy
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Cards for Emotions – Montessori

Often for toddlers it is referenced to explain emotions when they are upset, and help your child identify the big emotion they are feeling. These cards would be great for that use.

emotion cards for montessori from kmart AU
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montessori style emotion cards from kmart australia
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Montessori Shelf Baskets

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of Montessori at home is finding baskets and trays for setting up children’s “work”. Kmart has some great options for this.

These baskets are one of my favorites. They aren’t too deep and are big enough to fit many activities, such as the stacker with all the rings pulled off.

kmart baskets for montessori use
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Montessori Books in K-mart

Realistic pictures within children’s books can be hard to come by within budget prices, but Kmart as a few to pick from.

This Australian animal book is one of them, with a touch & feel sensory theme to it as well.

montessori style kid toddler book from Kmart AU
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This trucks and heavy equipment book was another find with realistic photo’s used inside.

montessori style toddler book from Kmart AU
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Montessori Dinnerware in K-mart

Montessori Cup at Kmart Australia

Montessori cup at Kmart Australia
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Montessori Plate & Bowl at Kmart Australia

These are each $1.50 , but i put them together for an easier photo. They are both small and toddler sized. The cups & matching plates/bowl come in grey, blue , and light pink.

Montessori plate and Montessori bowl at Kmart Australia
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Montessori Find’s in Kmart Australia

Hope this helps any parent’s in Australia who are looking to use Montessori at home and need to keep things on a budget.

These item’s were all found in February 2020 for reference, but I have seen and used many of these items since mid 2019, so I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon.

I’ll update this post with more items next time I have a look through Kmart and see anything that could be useful for the Montessori community!

Montessori Kmart Finds
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Montessori on a Budget at Kmart

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