Spend Less Time Prepping and More Time Playing.

Montessori at Home the easy way

Find Your
Child’s Unique Interests

Make Observing your Child Fun

Get More Time Back with Your Child


Realistic Montessori inspiration from our home to yours.

Take away the overwhelm of Montessori from scrolling through the social media, and bring the excitement back to doing Montessori at home.

Bringing it back to the main principles and sharing Montessori inspired activities by age and what you can do with what you already might have at home.

Montessori at home in the first years is such a joyful and beautiful time with your child, don’t get caught in the comparison trap.

Montessori at home

Nurture Independence

Nurture their independence as they develop as a young human.

Emotion Guidance

The first years are filled with big emotions, get the tools to help guide them through those big emotions.

Books to Help

Great Montessori Parenting books are available to help you along your Montessori at home journey!

Meal Time

The joy of joining your child at their table that they set for you both to enjoy a meal.

Activities by Interest

Find activities to align with your child’s interests and help them build skill upon skill.

Practical Life

With Montessori at home there are SO many opportunities to teach practical life skills, and they will be so proud to be able to learn to do it themselves!

montessori book reading with toddler in white jumper and yellow pants sitting on mums lap reading book

begin your journey

Enjoy watching your child light up in confidence from learning.

Imagine seeing excitement in your child’s eyes every day from learning to do something independently.

The joy in their smile when they put on a jacket by themselves for the first time doing the “coat flip”.

Nothing compares to watching the glow of confidence your child has when doing Montessori at home.

New to Montessori?

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The Founder

I am Hannah, the voice behind Thrive in Family Life which strives to focus on realistic ways to live a Montessori inspired life at home.

We have a focus on hands-on activities, the outdoors, and strengthening family connection.

I have Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife and personal passion for connecting the outdoors to daily childhood experiences.