Welcome to Thrive in Family Life!


– to grow or develop vigorously; flourish

Our aim is to share how you can implement Montessori principles with your baby.

We want to help simplify the ways you can bring Montessori into your home so you have more time to focus on things that matter, like quality time with your baby

You are capable of creating a Montessori experience for your baby quite easily.

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About the Founder


I started Thrive in Family Life as a way to share our experiences of Montessori life at home in the first year.

It quickly became a passion for me to share what I learned and fill in the gaps of folks can implement a Montessori lifestyle at home with infants. Many resources focus on the toddler years and information on the first year can be hard to find.

So, Thrive in Family Life has become focused on “Montessori The First Year”.

Being Insta “picture-perfect” is certainly not reality.

Sooo many photos tell you what you “need to buy” versus what you really “need” for a quality Montessori experience. (Let me tell you, it doesn’t need to break the budget).

So that what Thrive in Family Life is, a place to find real experiences and resources to build a foundation for your family’s first year with Montessori principles.