Ways You Can Be An Organized mom

Inside: Are you feeling each day is chaotic fray that you never seem to have under control? Are you ready for a change? Here are simple ways you can be an organized mom with minimal additions to your to-do list. Transform into the mom who has it mostly under control (because we never truly have it all under control, let’s be realistic!) Get your daily and weekly home life under control so that you can stop feeling so stressed!

How To Be An Organized Mom


ways to be an organized mom with time management tips
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Make Lunches Night Before

Avoid running late each morning and get the general gear ready the night before. Make your kids lunches, or have them help you make their lunches, each evening as part of your routine.

It’s also a good idea to have school bags packed and ready by the door as well. This creates one less step when you are on a time crunch in the morning.

Get A Good Calendar

Gathering all your ‘to-dos’ into one convenient (and very cute!) spot is the best way to streamline and organize life.

A good wall calendar and a personal weekly planner are great ways to do this. I leave my weekly planner open on my dresser all the time, every day for more specific appointments/tasks. The wall calendar has all major holidays, birthdays, events, and appointments living on it for all to see in our kitchen.

This keeps everyone in the home informed and “in the know”.

Cook in Batches

If you are making something that can be doubled, DO IT! Using the slow cooker? Double the recipe and split half at the end and put in the freezer.

This saves you future time cooking if you have day where you might have activities in the afternoon and won’t get much time for food prep once you arrive home. Use these freezer meals for days like that, so all you have to do is defrost and reheat.

Pre-Cut and Store Items

Some food items are so much easier to use if they’ve been pre-cut. When time allows I will try and do this the day i get home from shopping.

Items that are great for doing this to save you cooking time and fridge space are cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and melons.

Certain items are great as snack options, and will be more grabbed for a healthy snack by others in the family if they are already pre-cut and in a storage container in the fridge for easy access. Things like carrots, celery, bell pepper strips, melon, cucumber sticks, and such.


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De-clutter Once A week

Once a week, maybe on Monday mornings or Friday morning, go through the house in 20 min and do a declutter run. Any old receipts, advertising pamphlets, bits of paper, rubbish, odds & ends, get either tossed or put away.

This isn’t a major declutter moment, but just a weekly sweep to get rid of the junk that’s gathered in all the nooks of the house.

If you feel you need to do a big Declutter soon, The Organized House Course is great for helping guide you to declutter, thus having to clean less in total.

Home Management Station

This doesn’t need to be massive like some of the one’s on pinterest, a simple corner of the kitchen, dining room, or office with specific folders and places for bills, kids school letters, and such is all that’s needed.

Having one central place that these important item’s go will save you stress, and keep you organized.

Kid’s Homework Caddy

Having a small caddy with all the necessities to complete homework streamlines the process for your kiddo’s each day. A small caddy with pencils, pencil sharpener, calculator, scratch paper, and anything else your kids might use on a daily basis for homework in it will make it a quick grab and go. They can take it to the kitchen table or desk, and when finished put it back in the same spot every day.


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Color Code Kids

Make life a bit more simply by color coding some of your kids belongings. That doesn’t mean EVERYTHING they own has to be that color, but have a general color organization plan for certain things within the home can make things easier.

Things good to color organize:

  • Coat Hook
  • Towel & Washcloth
  • Bathrobes
  • Water cups (kitchen)
  • Water bottles
  • Homework/Newsletter Folder

This helps with knowing who’s is whose, so for example someone doesn’t get 3 cups out in an afternoon just to have a drink because they forgot which cup was theirs. Or knowing which towel is theirs to grab and use after a shower.

Wear Clothes More Than Once

If the school uniform isn’t dirty it’s perfectly okay to wear it 2 days before going into the washing. Clothes last longer if they’re not over-washed, plus it saves you on loads of laundry.

Same goes for pj’s, clothes they’ve only worn for the afternoon after-school in the house, and such.


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When Kid’s Are in A Mood

When they kid’s are in a funk and no one is in a good mood it might be time for a scene change. Take everyone outside or go for a walk down to the park. Shifting everything can sometimes press the reset button on everyone’s mood.

Go Outside

If you’ve had a particular stressing morning or afternoon, go outside by yourself for 10 minutes. If it’s during naptime, just enjoy a coffee on the front or back step for 10 minutes.

If your partner has gotten home, go on a short stroll around the block to clear your head and let the tension run off you.

It really does help with resetting and getting your mind clear again.

What are your tips for staying organized?

Share with everyone anything you find super helpful for being an organized mom! Any particular calendars you like best?

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