Shared Montessori Toddlers’ Room | 2 Boys

The little lads have grown older and now both have toddler beds and have voiced their preferences for their room. This is now what our shared Montessori toddlers’ bedroom looks like and what toys we have on their shared Montessori shelf.

Shared Toddler Boy Room

montessori shared bedroom for two boys with two wodden toddler beds, rocking chair, small shelf with blue & beige drawers, and grey kids couch nugget. blue rug on floor.
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This is how the boys have asked for their beds to be, side by side so they can see each other.

The elder boy finds comfort knowing he is not alone in the room and will always wait to go to bed together (it’s pretty cute).

An Ikea bookshelf has been attached to the end of one of the beds and is filled with favorite bedtime books.

Kids bedroom with 2 beds in L shape in corner with nugget kids couch in book nook on end along wall and a chair in corner and 4 cube shelf under window.
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Alternative L-shape arrangement

At times they do ask for a rearrange and we do a L-shape in the corner on the right, and the nugget lounge they goes into “book nook” arrangement under animal photos.

The rocking chair is in their still for breastfeeding the younger toddler before bed, that is the only feed he has now.

As well as just mama cuddles and reading books in my lap sometimes.

Shared boys toddler montessori room with 2 wooden beds, chair in corner, and 4 cube shelf under window. woven basket to left of shelf.
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The toy shelf is under the window, and in the early days we had open shelf with toys visible and baskets.

Currently, that doesn’t suit the materials they use the most lately as well as doesn’t look as clean.

Clean-up has been a bit easier when they can grab the whole cube square and take it to play area and then slide it back in after play.

We go with what works at the time, it often ebbs & flows between visible and then something like this.

The top is empty because right now because the boys like to use the space on top to play, so I left it clear for them to do this (see them building blocks on it further below).

Montessori shared bedroom  two bed ends, white 4 cube toy shelf, and white ikea wardrobe doors.
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On the last wall is their toddler wardrobe/closet that we built.

They can open/close it independently and get themselves dressed.

The very top is where we keep spare blankets and on the far right is toy rotation toys.
On the last wall is their toddler wardrobe/closet that we built.

SEE MORE : Click here to see inside toddler closet!

They can open/close it independently and get themselves dressed.

The very top is where we keep spare blankets and on the far right is toy rotation toys.

Shared Montessori Toddler Room Toys

Montessori toy shelf for toddlers with baby dolls in one, farm animals and fencing in another cube, dress up clothes in another cube, and 2 Orchard board games in last cube.
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This is what is inside the 4 cube baskets under toy shelf.

They can easily carry these cubes to a spot on the mat to play and then bring them back when they are finished and have packed away.

Baby Dolls – Cube 1

Both of my boys have loved having a baby doll and treating it like a baby.

They cuddle it, pretend to feed it (or breastfeed it! haha, funny 2 year olds), and put baby doll to bed.

Farm Toys – Cube 2

We live in a farming area, so as they have seen farming things they like to replicate it and “pretend play” farming scenarios.

It includes a few pick-up trucks, animals, and fencing.

Dress Ups – Cube 3

In the dress-ups cube we have some thrift shop finds costumes that the kids love to play in, especially when friends come over. This is a BIG favorite at this stage in their life.

Just some of the ones in it include: pirate, butterfly wings, golden cape, knight vest, construction worker vest, and a few more.

Board Games – Cube 4

My eldest is really starting to get interested in games.

So, we found a few thrift shop board games aimed at toddlers that we have really come to love.

“Winning” is not always the main goal, they are more educationally based. Really surprised me, and have been loving these Orchard Toy board games.

Even the 2.5 years old has been able to understand the rules and participate.

Two toddler boys playing Orchard Toys board game on a beige rug.
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“Shopping List” Orchard Tree game

The Nugget Cushions

Two toddler boys playing fort with grey nugget couch next to wooden bed
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Our couch does not have cushions that come off, so building forts has always been a struggle at home.

So, I finally caved and for Christmas bought a version of the nugget cushions.

HUGE WIN, the boys have so much creativity with building forts, climbing structures, and just sitting on them as a reading nook for read aloud time.

There is a reason folks take the high purchase price and get these anyways. It is a great minimalist toy that can be used in some many ways (including as grandma’s bed for a visit). They are worth it, I’ll attest to it despite the price tag.

We personally go for quality, multi-purpose play items over quantity. These cushions have been through 6 months of rough play and are holding up great.

Magnet Tiles

In the basket to the side of their shelf is Connetix magnet tiles.

A birthday buy that has been so much easier to deal with than legos (we dabbled in lego when local grocery shop gave them out with each purchase…my poor feet).

Connetix magnet tiles in woven basket
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They love to build with these tiles and make buildings, roads, spaceships, tractor sheds, and more.

Below you can see why we leave the shelf space free on the top.

two toddler boys playing with colorful magnetic tile blocks on top of there small 4 cube toy shelf under window.
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These are so easy to clean up at the end of the day and are very durable.

We tried a Kmart version of magnet tiles, but they didn’t stand as sturdy when they built buildings which made the boys very frustrated when they fell apart. So, this is another toy that is best to find quality version for long term use.

Vehicle Rug

There is a vehicle rug rolled up under their bed.

Vehicles are kept in a little basket in living room at moment, but the rug with roads on it is currently stored under their bed.

green kids vehicles map rug with roads on it.
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Our New Motto with Toys

Less is more. Quality over Quantity.

Yep, that simple. We are now aiming to only 10 toys in the home, with specific varieties in mind to have the maximum amount of open-ended play opportunities available to them.

After doing more research it is showing time and time again, less toys = better quality developmental play.

Our 10 Toy Types

Our goal for 10 toy types to have available for play:

  • Active Movement
  • Forts/Cubby House
  • Building Toys
  • Character Toys
  • Books
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Balls
  • Games
  • Musical/Sensory
  • Vehicles

Not all of these toys are in their room of course, some of these are in living room and outside.

cartoon view of a childs room with a wardrobe, winder, and cupboard with painting above it.
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We try to only have one of each, or one basket of each if it some thing that is more than once item (i.e. blocks).

At the moment though, this is our goal to keep things simple and easy to manage for the kids and us but also allow them ample learning/playing opportunities.

How to Organize shared boys room

My biggest advice to any parent, Keep It Simple.

Less really is more, less “stuff” means more “time” with each other or more time to play because less time is needed to clean up.

They also grow in self-confidence when they are able to manage tidying and up-keeping their own room fairly easily independently.

As a 2 & 4 year old then can manage this room all by themselves. I can bring a laundry basket in and they can put their own clothes away. Toys can be put in one of the 4 cubes pretty quickly. Books on the little shelf. Done.

Hope this could inspire you in some way to give you ideas for your own home. Feel free to ask any questions below in the comments!

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