Work Within Your Comfort Zone| Random Acts of Kindness Series Part 2

Even after yesterday’s list of ideas to get you started, you still may still feel unconvinced “you” are ready to go out there to spread kindness in the world. I can understand that. Giving without a special occasion or particular reason feels a bit odd. You may worry about the reaction you’ll receive. Let’s go over some of these concerns so you can move on from your comfort zone and try a random act of kindness today.

random acts of kindness series part 2 for moms and kids

About Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness goes beyond simply doing something nice. Being kind is selfless. It requires empathy and seeing life from a different lens.

In our busy modern world, we’re often consumed with chaotic schedules and overwhelmed with commitments. That can make it difficult to take a step back and consider the needs of others.

Random acts of kindness require you to do just that. These selfless acts are to be performed on behalf of others for no other reason than to make their day better or improve their mood.

This may seem surprising after Part 1 of the series where I explained all the benefits of performing Random Acts of Kindness, but they aren’t about you” at all. It’s about wanted to selflessly spread kindness in the world.

What’s Stopping You?

There are lots of things that could be keeping you from sharing random acts of kindness with others. Many people feel insecure about putting themselves out there and allowing themselves to be vulnerable in this way. Sometimes people feel themselves to be unworthy or think others might not receive their gift without suspicion

It takes courage and self-confidence to give freely to another with no agenda or particular reason. Truthfully though, most recipients are quite happy to get such a surprise.

You’ll probably overcome the awkward feeling once you begin to practice doing little acts here and there and see the smiles on people’s faces afterwards.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Doing random acts of kindness allows you to connect with others in meaningful ways. This can have a very meaningful effect on you, your recipient and anyone who sees or comes in contact with your efforts.

Performing these kind acts adds positivity to the world around you. Try taking just one small step outside your comfort zone to give to another in even the smallest of ways, maybe beginning with a neighbor. Then try something a bit more out of your comfort zone the next day. Each positive response will increase your confidence.

Ways To Make A Difference

There are so many ways to reach out and be kind to others. I’d like to explore some of the ways you can make a difference in the lives of those around you.

We all have preferred communication methods. Using your preferred approach can make performing random acts of kindness less uncomfortable or intimidating. Keep reading to discover what I mean.

Written Methods

Many people feel intimidated about actually speaking to others. You might deal with social anxiety or be more introverted by nature. If that’s the case, there are still plenty of ways to show others you care and brighten their day.

Maybe written communication is how you communicate best. If so, write a handwritten card or letter to someone such as a “Thinking of You” card. When at work send an email of thanks to a co-worker or submit a review of a colleague on LinkedIn. Write a quick note on a post-it to surprise your child when they open their lunchbox. .

These are all simple ways to perform a random act of kindness in a way their suits your best communication method.

Verbal Methods

Some of us are good at using our actual voices to convey meaning. Talking is the way we most like to communicate. If this sounds like you, use that as your kindness superpower.

Tell someone they did an excellent job on a task, whether that be a co-worker at work or your child building something out of Lego. Call a family member for a catch-up while you take the dog for a walk around the block . Go visit your neighbor and have a coffee if they live alone.

Those who are outgoing and love to talk have lots of ways they can engage in random acts of kindness. Just a simple compliment to a barista saying you like their nails if they’ve had them done will give them a smile. If you like to talk don’t feel afraid to spread kindness with your words.

Artistic Expression

Maybe you prefer to be more creative in your good deeds, you might have an artistic nature. You can offer to create a painting for your local library or aged care home.

Perhaps teaching an art class at the preschool or volunteering to paint with residents of a nursing home might be enjoyable for you.

Using your creative gifts are also a lovely way to spread kindness in your community in a meaningful way.

Body Language

Finally, the subtle art to communicate kindness is body language. A smile, hug or simply being present can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

It’s okay to tell someone who’s going through a difficult time that you’d like to be there for them even if you don’t have the words to say. Physically being there is a great comfort to many.

Offering something like Netflix and chill with snacks at the end of a bad day can be all that’s needed. Attending someone presentation can help ease their nerves and make them feel appreciated, and you don’t even have to say a word. Stopping to listen to someone’s music on the street is another great way to show appreciation.

That might be something you’re comfortable in doing. Just giving someone our attention can be one of the kindest gestures we can do in this busy world. We can all give someone a smile or encouraging nod, at the very least.

Ready to Start Implementing Random Acts of Kindness?

Consider these ways of giving back through methods that suit your comfort zone strengths. There are truly no limits to the ways we all can perform random acts of kindness.

Are you ready to start performing random acts of kindness today? Hopefully, you’ve given some thought to what’s holding you back and feel enthusiastic about all the ways you can positively impact the community around you.

Make Your List

I want you to make a list of 3 things you want to do this week. Whether that be smile more at others in the community, write someone a handwritten note, or donate your time somewhere. Put your thoughts into action. Write those 3 things on a post it note and put it in your wallet.

Now go perform those acts of kindness in your community!

Random Acts of Kindness Series for February 2020 : Part 2

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