Things To Do With Your Montessori Baby at 2 Months Old ( Our Top Picks! )

When beginning Montessori at home is can become a bit overwhelming deciding what to do and what to try.

I would have loved to have found a simple list of options to look at with basic “How-to’s”, so now that this phase has passed for us I would love to create this for others to make their journey into Montessori at home with a baby easier.

There are so many easy things you can do with your Montessori baby at 2 months old, some are just things around the house that you can DIY and other activities you can use specific Montessori materials for if you choose.

Things to do with your Montessori Baby at 2 Months old image with baby laying down and grasping at toy
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This list is filled with only suggestions, as goes with Montessori principles you should follow YOUR child and see what from this list goes along with their interests. If they are not up to anything on this list don’t stress, this is not a “must do” list, instead it is just an idea springboard for you when you feel in a rut and out of ideas.

Here are 12 things you can do at home with your Montessori baby at 2 months old:

  • Wall Mirror. Having a play-mat next to a floor mirror with exploration materials is a great option for Montessori “work/play” time for a baby. This time allows for freedom of movement to promote coordinated movement and while watching themselves or others in the mirror promoted visual tracking skills.
  • Mobiles. Having you baby under a Montessori mobile is a great way to begin with working on visual tracking which then develops into hand-eye coordination skills when they begin wanting to bat at the the objects.
  • Grasping Toy. If your baby is already wanting to hold things then offering them an option of grasping toys to reach for can provide them focused play and build their controlled movement over months to come.
  • Reading. Since Maria’s time much research has went into reading to children and it has amazing positive benefits to begin reading to children from even as early as infancy.
  • Outside Time. OUR TOP FAVORITE, tummy time on a blanket outside and watching trees sway, me garden, and the dog walk around.
  • Talking. Talking to your baby face-to-face and mimicking their sounds as if you’re having a conversation is extremely beneficial in their cognitive development. This is the beginning of their understanding of speech, so talk to your baby as much as you can as they grow up.
  • Observing Chores. Set your baby is a position to observe you doing normal household tasks like folding laundry or vacuuming. My boys loved vacuuming in their early infancy and now love helping me vacuum as 1 & 3 year olds.
  • Nature Walk. Go on a walk around your neighborhood and stop often to narrate what you see, hear, and smell. A bird hopping on the ground will seem so interesting to them.
  • Playgym. Depending on your child and their interests, attach certain items on their play gym to explore visually and in a tactile way such as play scarves tied on, grasping ring, bell, fabric ball, etc..
  • Sibling Observation. If they have older siblings, place them in a safe space that allows they to observe what their sibling is doing such as building a wooden train track.
  • Singing. Nursery rhymes are more than just songs, they are a key component to later verbal skills and other child development skills. Do these face-to-face or with motions and you will have fun, education activity to do with your baby either at home, outside, while waiting at appointments, or anywhere you might be.
  • Water Play. Baby baths don’t only have to be at bathtime inside, taking them outside on a warm day to explore the sensations of splashing and letting them hold a washcloth and feel the texture is a fun activity.

Want to see some of these ideas in action?

I will put some photos below to give you some visual inspiration of how you can do these things with your 2 month old.

2 Month Old Montessori baby in dark grey overalls and long white sleeve shirt on brown blanket in the grass on his tummy looking out.
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Looking out at a bird hopping nearby on the grass in the backyard.

I start baby’s on a blanket when in natural areas to give them the choice to wiggle over and off, or stay on in case the texture becomes irritating/itchy to them.

I am a nature lover, but I know that often the sensation of sitting on grass can put kids off from being outside.

So I offer this choice so my kids can always decide what they are comfortable with, now as toddlers they are always outside and sometimes sit on picnic rug and other times they sit wherever they feel like it on the dirt/grass.

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Observing his sibling drive a toy truck on the rug.

SOO many beautiful moments watching my youngest observe his 2 yr old brother drive a toy around, build a train track, or do a Montessori material activity.

Sometimes his older brother would do an activity specifically in front of his 2 month old brother so he could watch.

It was a lovely times of observation for me as a parent.

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Nature walks together where I would narrate what was around and sibling rode his balance bike.

I did this often with both boys as baby’s, we would go on walks either in stroller or in baby carrier (this more so with older sibling to chase).

I stopped often and would narrate and point out dogs, birds, lawn mowers, trees in the wind, and anything else that could be of interest or I observed them watching.

On a side note, this is often good for your mental health as a parent as well. So don’t underestimate the benefits for the family as a whole when going on a walk.

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Visual hanging toy while in capsule while shopping.

Now, this is not your “typical” Montessori material…but we are a realistic family and this was a toy we were gifted from family for our eldest while he was 2 month old.

Did he still love watching it and at some points tried to bat at it? Yes.
Was is perfect because it came with a clip for clipping on to capsule? Yep.

So we used it and it still served the purpose of being a visual activity for him while I was in checkout lane of grocery store. I was intentional of only having 1 item clipped on, as this avoided overstimulating him like I often see out at the shops with sometimes 10 toys clipped every where on to baby strollers/capsules.

Not every item you use while doing Montessori at home as to look like “instagram worthy” toy. Just be intentional and use what you have.

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My favorite bath that I found to be Montessori friendly!

This Shnuggle bath was a gift for my 2nd born….and WOW, it is in my opinion such a Montessori friendly bathtub as it promotes independence while in the bath so much more than other bathtubs at the young infant stage.

I was ALWAYS next to him at arms reach, but he could sit in this tub with its special design and move his arms freely and explore from early on.

We took this bath outside sometimes and would have an outdoor bath to change things up in the summer and make an experience out it.

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Want to See More?

Curious what a day in our life looks like when doing Montessori at home with a 2 month old?

See what we did daily with practical life, our Montessori shelf, meal times, and more if you are interested in what else you can do each day with your 2 month old baby.

If there are any idea’s you have that I haven’t listed above and you would love to share with other parents, please feel free to share them below!

When we work as a community we can create beautiful networks of assistance for all of us going through this parenting journey!

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