3 Things to Start Your Day Better As a stay-at-home mom

When you’re a parent every morning can feel chaotic, even if you have a good routine. We never know what mood our children will wake up in, and sometimes they are just not into doing any of the normal wake-up activities.

So, to help combat the unknown here are 3 things YOU can do every morning to have a positive start to your day. They are simple, easy, and quick tasks that can help you start your day with a sense of accomplishment before parenting duties fully kick-in.

Positive Start to Your Day

Do these things every morning and it should help you feel like you are getting a good start to your day, no matter what your kids throw at you….well okay, most things that they might do on a average morning.

We all have our “epic” bad days, and that’s okay. Those days make us appreciate the good days….plus gives us good stories to laugh at later down the track when it’s in hindsight.

Here are the 3 things I challenge you to start doing every day!

1 | Make Your Bed

make bed as a positive morning task for sahm moms with pink,green,and grey bedding in bedroom with same color lamps

Simple 2 minute task that easily can help you feel like you’ve “Done Something” for the day. It will make your room look better visually, which will in turn benefit your mental health and give you a positive outlook for the morning.

Also, well at least for me, it makes it an easy dumping ground for clean laundry later on. A clean bed gives me heaps of space for folding and making piles. I find it a better alternative to the kitchen table, as laundry is usually dry right before lunch time.

2 | Have a Drink

drink a warm coffee when you get up to start a positive day as sahm with latte in blue mug in womens hands

Have a glass of water or make your coffee. Whichever will soothe you the most, DO IT!

I find if I can make myself a cup of coffee and drink at least a 1/3rd before beginning my day I am in a better mindset. It’s not actually the coffee/tea, it’s the mindful moment of just holding a warm drink and sipping it slowly.

There might only be a few minutes to do this, but it really helps you get in the “mood” for the day.

3 | Get Dressed

Get dressed to start a positive day as sahm mom with black haried women reaching into closet while holding yellow hanger with white tank top

This is the hardest one for me, getting dressed. It takes the longest of the 3 tasks, and often by the time I get to this task my 18 month old is up walking around and ready for breakfast.

I honestly find that if my husband can entertain our lil fella for a few minutes so I can get dressed, my day starts off better. Otherwise it could be an hour or two before I get to putting on “door answering” appropriate clothing.

Capsule Home Wardrobe

A trick to this, which I am slowly mastering, is to have a capsule wardrobe for stay-at-home clothes.

Having comfy, casual clothes that make you feel good, and would still feel good answering the door in, are key to a good day.

We try to apply minimalist principles to our home, though there is no way I could do a total capsule wardrobe. I am realistic and it’s just not happening between home life, camping, formal wear, dance, fitness, and more.

Though, I have found a way to make a capsule wardrobe of stay-at-home mom clothes. This makes getting dressed faster and more stream-lined.

Black pants or shorts and a solid-colored dress-casual t-shirt or 3/4 sleeve shirt does me just fine in my day -to-day home life. When I feel like it, I will sometimes wear a nice summer dress in the warmer months.

This is my trick to accomplishing task 3 to start my day off on a good foot!

Happy Mom = More Efficient Mom

With time you will find your “Sweet Spot” to being happy as a stay-at-home mom like Carly. It takes time and habit building, but you will find what works for you throughout the whole day to start enjoying the whole day.

Getting a good start to each day will help you begin each day on a good foot, thus help you toward being the happy mom you want to be.

If you can get a good start to your day YOU will be in a better mood, which is the only thing YOU can control.

A mom who is in a good mood will be a more efficient mom and a mom who is ready to face the day.
If you want this to be YOU , then have a go and try accomplishing these 3 tasks every morning.

30 Day Positive Morning Challenge

I challenge you to try and do them every day for a month. See if you can really make that change to get yourself on the right foot every morning.
It can take a month to change a habit, so make it a challenge for yourself!

I won’t make you print some fancy tracker or anything, just use your normal calendar or planner and put a little star in the corner with a pen on every day you complete all 3 tasks.

After a week reflect on how you feel on those days you are able to complete them all.

Bonus Task #4 : Write in your Daily Gratitude Journal

Interested on working on your mindfulness?
How about starting a daily gratitude journal that only takes 1 min to fill out every day?

With a regular ol’ notebook and pen you can begin a gratitude journal to record the positive moments of each day of motherhood (day before if you are writing in the morning).

It has been a game-changer for me on remembering the little moments in family life that make me smile. Very worth your 1 minute a day.

Start Your Day on a Positive Note

I hope you are able to start working on making a positive start to all your days, I know as parent’s the little things can seem so hard some days. With a bit of routine and positive encouragement I believe all of us can start the day out on a positive note, it just takes practice and patience.

Let me know how you go with your 30 Day Positive Morning Challenge. After a week did you feel a difference on the days you were able to complete all 3 (or 4) tasks? Maybe this is something you already do and have seen the benefits?
Share your experience to help encourage others.

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Things Stay-at-Home Mom’s Can Do Every Day to Feel Productive at the Start of the Day

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    Heather | Embracing Chaos with Love
    January 25, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    Great post and very attainable for sure! I am definitely going to try the challenge. I have been doing the make your bed one and when I do that I do feel more accomplished during the day. Now to just make myself get dressed before I go downstairs for the day, lol. My New Year resolution this year was to wake and be productive before my toddlers get up. I think these steps will help me accomplish that. If anything at least I’ll be dressed and sipping coffee before the never ending questions start. Thank you!

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