Montessori Toys 15 Months – What We Used

Many new interests begin when your child is one, so there are many Montessori toys & materials for 15 month olds that you can use if your child is showing interest in new skills!

Here is what Montessori toys we used at 15 months old inside and outdoors!

Montessori Toys 15 Months

Montessori toys 15 months - little toddler on red circle mat using a Montessori object permanence box.
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The object performance box still captures my 15 month old’s interest, so it still lives on our living room Montessori shelf.

You can also see a Tupperware shape sorter in the basket behind him on the shelf, that was a gift, so we use it. Don’t feel you can’t use gifts you already have around the house and must buy the “exact Montessori toy”. If you have a tight budget, use what you have my friend! It’s okay!

(note: within reason, if it’s flashy and got too much going on it could be more of a hindrance than a help to their learning)

15 month old toddler using a car tracking toy while on a blue mat on floor
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The ball tracker is a very popular Montessori material, but we were handed down a car tracking toy.

So, that is what we used and he showed great interest in using this material quite often at this stage.

Montessori 15 months books - 2 toddlers sitting on blue kids couch reading books next to wooden book shelf.
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What can I say, we are a book family! We have LOTS of books in our home (thanks to all the $1 or 0.50 bargains at the thrift shop!)

I try to keep the Montessori aligned books on their shelf which have realistic pictures and are board books which can withstand their toddler usage.

I do read other books every night that are not always perfectly “Montessori aligned”, but I like to go along with the modern research as well with my parenting.
Reading is SO BENEFICIAL for kids,

Books are always my biggest suggestions to family & friends as gifts if they are wanting ideas on what to get the kids. (#familytip)

Note: Our shelf is being shared for inspiration. You DO NOT NEED all these toys, for your child might not have interest in some of these materials. Observe your child and notice what they are interested in and see if any of these toys might work for their interests. Every child is different and some are ready for materials sooner or later than others 🙂

Outdoor Toys

We are also a very outdoor family, we make sure to have ample outdoor play opportunities as much as indoor.

Outdoor play area for toddler - 15 months old. Small cubby house painted grey with green trim, small octagon sandbox, green tractor pedal toy, and toddler sized black basketball hoop. All in front of a beige shed wall.
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This is where my kids have spent most of their toddlerhood, in their backyard area.

Let me also surprise you, we bought NONE of this new! (except the sand ^_^ )

It can be very cheap to have outdoor toys if you check garage sales, thrift shops, and check FB marketplace.

We got our sandbox and cubby house both 2nd hand from FB marketplace and just gave them an outdoor paint job to protect the wood.

We still are using them years later as my eldest is now 5 year old (we bought them when he was 1).

15 month old outdoor toys - watering can in the hand of toddler by water tap which is surrounded by chickens.
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Watering can for veggie garden.

Get your 15 month old a child-sized watering can and involve them in outdoor practical life activities.

Have them water flowers, veggies, trees….whatever you have around.

Our 15 month old helps fill the chicken water and dog water bowl as well.

Montessori “Real Life” Activities at 15 Months

It’s very aligned with the Montessori philosophy to get your child involved in real-life everyday activities to the best of their abilities at the time.

Making toast?

Let them spread a pre-determined amount of butter on it with a safe object (spatula, kids knife, etc.)

Two toddlers on Montessori stool helping spread butter on toast in kitchen
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Brothers both using stool to make toast.

Going out to get a coffee?

Get them out of the stroller and allow them to sit with you and begin learning table manners.

If ready, let them use a real cup for a child’s drink like our local cafes’ do. (They’ll surprise you with how careful they can be if you give them the opportunity and believe in them)

Toddler sitting in high chair drinking a cafe drink from teacup and saucer while at cafe
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Drinking a “babychino” from real teacup.

All our kids began eating and drinking at the table with us when out’n’about from 1 year old.

If this is what they learn is the expectation is from the get-go I have found it a smoother transition to table manners when going out to eat.

If you do it from the beginning they don’t know any different and will learn the “proper” way of doing things from the start.

Two toddlers helping unload gravel into drive way with child sized shovel and wheelbarrow.
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Helping dad unload gravel for the driveway.

Real life house project going on? Find a way they can participate and learn!

My eldest who is 2.5 yr in this photo above asked to go get his own shovel and wheel barrow from backyard to help.

On their own free will our 15 month old and 2.5 year old determined who would do what and helped unload a little bit of gravel themselves.

Participating in practical life activities around the home is VERY Montessori aligned, don’t underestimate them and think they are “too little” to help in some way.

Your child will often surprise you in their capabilities if you allow them the opportunity to participate.

Looking for More Ideas for your 15 Month Old?

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