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Montessori Baby Christmas Gifts {2020 Edition}

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Montessori Gift Guide for Baby’s

Need inspiration for a Montessori Christmas gift for a Montessori baby in your life?

Here is a Montessori Baby Gift Guide to assist you in finding a great gift to suit that special little one.

These Montessori toys are a great educational addition for any baby. Feel free to look above and below their actual age depending on baby’s interests and abilities!

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Quick Note:

You will see below I suggest Lovery Play Kits, the reason why is because they are such a budget friendly option for the average family. The cost is the same as going out to eat with your family once a month.

Plus, they are great, quality toys with guides for the parents/grandparents. I suggest them because they really are awesome and would make fantastic “experience” Christmas gifts.

1 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Munari Mobile

This baby mobile is designed to visually stimulate a newborn’s focus.

Looker Play Kit

The “Looker Play Kit” is a great newborn Christmas gift option as it will be used for multiple months. Great collection of engaging materials are included that are aimed at newborn- 12 weeks.

2 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Montessori Octahedron Mobile

A Montessori Octahedron Mobile is the 2nd stage of mobiles for babies that is designed to visually stimulate and create focus for babies.

A colorful addition that makes a great gift for any Montessori baby.

3 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Gobbi Mobile

A Gobbi mobile is the 3rd stage of mobiles for babies’ that visually stimulate them.

Charmer Play Kit

lovery the charmer montessori aligned kit of montessori baby toys

The “Charmer Play Kit” by Lovevery is filled with grasping toys, wooden rattles, soft book, play guide and more.

Another gift that keeps on giving months after Christmas. ( Great for Grandparents to consider! )

4 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Montessori Wooden Rattle/Teether

Beautifully made wooden teethers that also are great for grasping skills.

Rubber Teething Ball

Great for grasping, teething, and for focus if it rolls away from them during play.

A toy with many benefits, and can be used as just a “ball” when they get older.

5 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

The Sensor Play Kit

The Sensor Play Kit by Lovevery is filled with hands on activities that stimulate baby’s sensory play.

Manhattan Skwish

Need your baby to stay focused on something while on the change table? This is a great toy for that, as well as for long sessions of focus while they watch the beads move when they move.

6 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Montessori Baby Cup

An EZPZ Silicone Cup is a great gift for the new cup drinker. At 6 months is when you can often start introducing drinking from a cup as a skill.

7 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

The Inspector Play Kit

The Inspector Play Kit by Lovevery is filled with wooden puzzles, board book, texture cards and more.

A GREAT gift for the curious baby who is ready to start learning about the way things work and is hands on.

Again, another gift that can be used for many months!

8 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Animal Board Book

A animal board book with life-like animal pictures is a great addition to Montessori Baby’s shelf.

The tactile aspect to this book is also a great learning opportunity.

Wooden Shape Puzzle

Want to buy your grandbaby their first puzzle? Here is a great option to start with!

Help them learn a new skill and see the joy on their face.

9 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Explorer Play Kit

The Explorer Play Kit by Lovevery is filled with emotions board books, wooden stacking toys, play guide and more.

A subscription box is a grand way to give an experience gift to a baby that will last them many months.

10 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Pop-up Color Sort Toy

This is a super fun toy to help with hand-eye coordination + beginning color sorting!

The wooden figures bob up and down our bounce out when you pop them in.

11 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

Trucks Board Book

This life-like trucks board book is perfect for any child interested in vehicles.

Teach them the real names for everything and see how the real vehicle looks!

Thinker Play Set

The Thinker Play Set is filled with wooden toys, first doll, baby’s first wallet, and more.

Great mixture of toys that can used at home or taken out and about for learning on the go.

12 Month Old Baby Gift Ideas

“The Babbler” Play Kit

the babbler play kit  photo for christmas gift for 12 month old

This first toddler play kit will start any 12 month old off with great learning activities.

Heaps of wooden puzzles and board books!

Baby’s First Silverware

If they don’t have one yet, now is a great time to get baby their first true utensils set.

When they sit at the Christmas table they will want to watch you and learn how to use them.

A wonderful family memory to share!

How bout a Gift for the Parents?

Are the parents about to enter the toddler years with their Montessori child?

This book is an AMAZING resource to any Montessori parents, and would make a great gift for them if they haven’t got it already!

Hope this has helped you find a great Christmas gift idea for the Montessori Baby in your life!

Have a lovely holiday season this year !

Save for Later!

Christmas Gift Guide for the Montessori Baby

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