Lovevery Review for Australia – Trying Charmer Play Kit

After waiting YEARS for Lovevery to make it to Australia the time has finally come!

Right when my 3rd little one is here, so couldn’t ask for better timing….well actually it would have been nice to use from the get go with my first til now. But, I’ll take my wins where I can! =)

SO, is Lovevery available in Australia? As of 2023, YES Lovevery Play Kits are now available in Australia!

Lovevery Charmer Play Kit box on a brown rug.
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I chose to skip the first play kit ( The Looker ), as I found a lot of overlap between it and the Charmer in the activities I was most interested in.

I wanted a lot of the more hands on materials such as rattles, textures, sounds, as well as the contrast cards. Which is what the Lovevery Charmer Play Kit has in it, which is aimed at babies 3 – 4months old.

We use the contrast cards first while baby is younger and then work up to those other materials (aka getting the most for our $).

Lovevery Charmer Play Kit items spread out - contrast cards, mirror, notecard book, rattles, fabric book.
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The Charmer Play Kit also comes with a safe baby mirror & stand which is a big win for me as well. Being able to set it up in whatever room I am in for baby is so much easier than my larger mirror set-up in bedroom.

If you don’t know much about Montessori baby mirrors and the safety aspects to consider, feel free to read more in my Safe Baby Mirrors article.

As a starting point for my review of Lovevery Play Kits in Australia I will say the reliability of their materials being reliably safe has been a BIG draw for me.

3 Montessori rattles from Lovevery Playkit in Australia
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Montessori aligned rattles in Play Kit


With my first child they did not ship here, so I did look to Amazon to source similar matching materials.

As 6 years ago that was fairly ok….if you read the reviews on many of those Amazon Montessori items now it is now NOT SAFE most of the time to source the baby Montessori materials from suppliers on Amazon.

Too many folks jumped on the “make Montessori items” bandwagon and the reliability for safe items on ebay & Amazon for babies is just not there. Rattles falling apart and becoming choking hazards is a common thing to read on those Amazon reviews.

Toddler items is different, but for babies I was very happy to invest in a Lovevery Box and know the items are reliably safe.

The cost difference between 1 Lovevery box and sourcing all those types of items individually (+shipping) was marginally different, but to know my baby is safe to use these items is worth any minor price difference.


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The Box Arrived! Woohoo!!

Opening the Lovevery Charmer Play Kit this is what I saw:

12 Materials Included

  • Baby Mirror / Contrast Visual Board with base
  • Silicone Teether
  • Teething Soft Cloth
  • Wooden Rattle
  • Rolling Bell
  • Contrast Cards
  • Hand-to-hand discs
  • Mirror card for book
  • Tactile Soft Book
  • Crinkle Bag
  • Natural Rubber Teether
  • Guide Book for Using Materials
Review of Lovevery Play Kit in Australia - all the materials from box layed out.
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After opening the box and handling all the materials myself I was so happy with my choice to go for the box, the rattles were all just as solid as I had hoped for use with baby (an inevitable ending up in their mouth a ton).

The contrast cards can be put into the soft texture book and used for tummy time without risk of getting drool on them.

I also tape one next to our changing area, but little on usually is all eyes on me =P.


We are a frugal family. If you have read anything of ours you know that we keep our costs minimal, but also choose to spend on items that will last long-term and can be multi-purpose….aka get the most for our money.

I did a 45 min search for comparable items on Amazon AU to what comes in the Australian Lovevery Charmer Play Kit and below is what it looks like.

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Which was cheaper? The Lovevery Kit.

This Amazon list cost over $145 and does not include educational parent materials that the Lovevery Kit provides. It also doesn’t guarantee the items will be safe for baby (aka wooden Amazon rattles).

America might be different, but here in Australia when you compare Lovevery Play Kit versus Amazon items individually the Lovevery Play Kits are actually cheaper and better quality.

PLUS, it’s a one click and ship. Save yourself that 45 minutes or more trying to find similar items that hopefully have good reviews.

What I Think of Lovevery Play Kit

After using a few random items I could source over the years and using items given by family to make due, to finally use an actual Lovevery Play Kit was quite a different experience.

The ease of just having the box arrive and then placing these items in a small cube box and having a few out at a time for baby has been SOO much easier.

I can do toy rotations easily and when I know it’s time I can order then next box and not need to go on another research and order a bunch of individual items spree. Because who has brain power and spare time for that when you are a sleep deprived parent honestly.

baby on pink blanket with rubber teether in hand
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Finding Montessori aligned items for babies in Australia was a struggle about 6 years ago, but since then has dramatically been made more accessible.

I was happy to make due those few years ago, but man having Lovevery back then wouldn’t saved me time, money, and stress trying to find the closest aligned items I could.

After trying Lovevery for the first time in Australia I can happily recommend them to any parent looking into trying them out. Especially if it’s your first, because these materials will easily last through multiple siblings.

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