DIY Montessori Weaning Table & Chair

DIY Montessori Weaning Table
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How We Built DIY Montessori Weaning Table & Chair

This is a general guide on how we built our own weaning table and chair.

I thought I would share this in case it helps inspire and assist anyone else in building their own DIY Weaning Table.

If you don’t know what a Montessori weaning table is, I have an article all about weaning table and alternatives.

If you are interested in what its like to build your own weaning table then keep reading and see how we built ours!

DIY Weaning Table and DIY Weaning Chair on tan gravel in front of tan shed.
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Tools Used To Build Weaning Table & Chair

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How We Began Build

We took 1 board of timber and split it in half.

1 Half made the Table
1 Half made the chair

As you can see in the photo below, this is how we cut the chair pieces out from the 2nd half of wood.

DIY  Montessori Weaning Table and chair wooden pieces stacked together
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How To Make Montessori Chair

This is a very basic visual guide of how we built our own Montessori weaning chair to go with the Montessori weaning table.

It is made up of 4 wooden pieces and a few screws.

All the Pieces for DIY Weaning Chair

DIY Montessori weaning chair pieces. 2 matching side parts, a back, and seat piece.
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How We Attached Chair Pieces

As you can see in this photo we pre-drilled the holes for the screws before actually putting a screw in place.

We made sure to measure the right dimensions for his size, as a 6 month old will need the seat lower than a 14 month old.

DIY Weaning Chair from side angle with back and seat piece attached.
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Assembling Final Piece

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Completed DIY Weaning Chair

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Building DIY Weaning Table

DIY Weaning Table Timber Piece

This is the 1st half of timber that we kept aside to build our DIY Weaning table.

We kept it aside and put 3 coats of clear varnish on it before assembling the legs.

By having a good clear coat it has made it HEAPS easier to clean any food that gets on it.

DIY Weaning table piece of wood.
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Adding the Legs to Weaning Table

While the legs were being varnished we also chose to paint the legs we got to white so they matched our dining room table and other furniture.

After the paint and varnish was dry, we then assembled the legs. We cut and built these, but since then I found out about the pre-built legs with included hardware which work out easier & cheaper .

SO, if you were to do it I would recommend these coffee table legs, and then just cut them to the right height if you want wooden or look at the adjustable steel ones.

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Completed DIY Weaning Table

This is what the finished table looks like on its own.

A square table that is 600mm x 600mm (23.6 in x 23.6in).

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Dimensions of Table & Chair

These are the dimensions we used for our 6 month old when building weaning table and chair.

These measurements would vary if you have an older child.

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How Tall is Weaning Table?

When determining how tall to make a weaning table you need to consider your child’s size to make is more suited proportionally. This is general sizing to help you determining “How tall for weaning table?”

If you are starting from baby age then 300 mm is a great height for weaning table to begin with, between 1-3 yrs old 183mm (15″) is a better height, and from 3 – 8yrs old 508mm (20″) is more suited weaning table height.

We moved the seat plank up a bit when our eldest was 20 months old as his legs were not at a 90 degree angle when sitting. It was an easier adjustment initially and only required the power-drill and 10 minutes.

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Once our eldest hit a little over 3 this table has become a bit small for him, so new legs are in the works. We will most likely be getting these adjustable legs that can be easily adjusted again as he grows.

How We Used DIY Weaning Table

When it was complete we used it for our 6 month old to begin solids.

He absolutely loved using this table, you can read more about how it went in our post about Montessori at home at 6 months old.

With child sized utensils and place-mat paired with a weaning table & chair you are on your way to beginning your child’s journey to learn how to eat independently from the start.

7 month old baby sitting at a DIY weaning table wooden with white legs.
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A weaning table is a great long-term piece of furniture that can grow with your child and be passed on to siblings very easily.

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Our 2nd born using it at 1 year old.

Since we have built ours 3 years ago now it has been a great resource for both of our boys and is still used and loved.

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Options for Buying a Weaning Table

Perhaps after seeing all of the above you realize maybe making your own isn’t the way to go for you.

Maybe you don’t own all the tools to DIY it or you don’t have enough time to squeeze in another project right now, here are some options for buying a weaning table that will give your child those independence opportunities.

Good Buy Gear

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Look for a pre-loved weaning chair and table. Good Buy Gear are great for finding 2nd hand Montessori items that are like-new. Terms to help your search

  • Cube chair
  • Weaning table
  • Montessori (by itself can sometimes bring up wider range)

ECR Kids Table & Chair

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ERC4Kids has a great table & chairs option that grows with your child.

I like things that will last awhile and make the most of our budget, and this ticks that box. You rotate it as they grow which gives them varying heights and uses.

DIY Montessori Toddler Table & Chair Set

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    • We did some research and created our own plans with measurements that would suit that young of age and keep them from tipping out. Hoping to get one up and posted shortly! The technology for making my drawings digital is the tricky part haha! Because you asked this I will try this week to finish that half-done project. Life with littles is certainly making it tricky to get some computer time in 🙂


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