Montessori With 3 Month Old

Explore our experience of Montessori with a 3 month old and some tips for Montessori at home with your own baby!

Montessori with 2 Month Old

Want to know more about how you can implement Montessori with your 2 month old? Here are Montessori toys you can use with your 2 month old baby, 10 things to do with your 2 month old, and things you can expect from your baby at this stage. Explore Montessori at 2 Months Old!

montessori 12 month old

Montessori at Home with 12 month Old | Our Experiences

Montessori at home with a 12 month old. What it looks like from a realistic home, and what Montessori toys we have on our Montessori shelf for 1 year old. I also share what practical life skills with 12 month old looks like for us, and what outdoor play includes.

Frugal Montessori Kmart Finds (Australia)

After a quick trip to Kmart I noted the items that follow Montessori at home style and wanted to share them with others who need to do Montessori on a budget. All of these items are $10 or less! They were found in regular ol’ Kmart in Australia.