Realistic Montessori at Home with 12 month Old {Budget Friendly}

Montessori at home with a 12 month old. What it looks like from a realistic home, and what Montessori toys we have on our Montessori shelf for 1 year old. I also share what practical life skills with 12 month old looks like for us, and what outdoor play includes.

Most Useful Montessori Books for Parents (2021)

Here are the most useful Montessori books for parent’s that I have come across. They each have different focuses, but together they make a great foundation for any parent wanting to start Montessori at home. I have also included some great online resources for parent’s to utilize.

Frugal Montessori Kmart Finds (Australia)

After a quick trip to Kmart I noted the items that follow Montessori at home style and wanted to share them with others who need to do Montessori on a budget. All of these items are $10 or less! They were found in regular ol’ Kmart in Australia.

Montessori 7 Month Old – Our experience

Our experience of Montessori at home with a 7 month old baby. Toys we used with our 7 month old, practical life activities we introduced, outdoor play, and general life. Budget friendly Montessori tips from a family with a small home, living on one income.

Montessori At Home With 6 Month Old

Our experience incorporating Montessori at Home with our 6 month old. Sharing our Montessori inspired play area and toys, weaning table experience, outdoor play, and the Montessori things we have not incorporated into our lives yet.