Fun Outdoor Play Area for 1 Year Old

Inside: Toys and activities for your backyard play space for 1 year old. Activities you can do with your 1 year old outside that are budget friendly, and often use …

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way to be an organized mom with planner on desk

Ways You Can Be An Organized mom

Are you feeling each day is chaotic fray that you never seem to have under control? Are you ready for a change? Here are simple ways you can be an organized mom with minimal additions to your to-do list. Transform into the mom who has it mostly under control (because we never truly have it all under control, let’s be realistic!) Get your daily and weekly home life under control so that you can stop feeling so stressed!

How to Do a Video Scavenger Hunt for Families on St. Patrick’s Day

A great party idea for teenagers, a video scavenger hunt! Here is how to do a video scavenger hunt party, you can always adjust it for other other themes as well. St. Patrick’s Day is just a great opportunity to host a teen party, as there are no family obligations attached to this holiday. Just an opportunity for making memories and having a good laugh with each other.

Montessori 7 Month Old – Our experience

Our experience of Montessori at home with a 7 month old baby. Toys we used with our 7 month old, practical life activities we introduced, outdoor play, and general life. Budget friendly Montessori tips from a family with a small home, living on one income.