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Beat the Munchies

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Ever feel like a snack right after eating lunch? You are not the only one, often we don’t fuel ourselves properly or we get “bored” and end up getting the munchies before we know it.

Here are some ways to help you beat the munchies.

Nutrient Rich Plate Combos

The best way to avoid having the munchies is to fill your plate during normal meals with nutrient dense food to fuel you. Have a good protein source, whether that be meat, dairy, or tofu.

Fill half your plate with vegetables, which are nutrient dense and often full of fiber. This good portion of fiber is what helps you to feel full for longer, thus getting your through til the next meal of the day.

Another quarter of your plate should be filled with wholegrains of some sort, aka not white bread, rice, or pasta. Quinoa or Whole-wheat Couscous are some great whole grains should be adding to your meals.

Want to fill that sweet tooth? Save your whole grain for overnight oats with delicious fruit. A little “healthy” dessert you can treat yourself to that should help you avoid the munchies later.

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Drink Water

I know, I know, you hear this all the time, but it’s true. Often when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty.

Did you rush during your lunch break and forget to get in a full glass of water during your meal?

Before reaching for that snack you “think” you are craving, have a full glass of water. If you are still hungry after 10 minutes you can still go back for a healthy fiber or protein rich snack.

That extra glass of water will be sure to keep you hydrated, so you can’t go wrong with having a bit of water first.

Make Sure to Eat Enough

Is your diet causing you to get the munchies? If you are trying to lose weight and are eating the bare minimum, you are doing yourself no favors.

If you are not eating enough during meals, then you are leading yourself into starvation mode which will increase your hunger. Often this leads to poor snack choices later in the afternoon.

Eat enough nutrients to make sure you are fueling your body for the day. Portion control is important to a healthy diet. This means making sure to eat enough just as much as not eating too much.

Not eating enough can impact muscular health and bone health over time, so just plan hearty, healthy meals to help you with your goals.

Remove Temptations

It is easy to reach for those munchies when they are easily accessible. By removing those candy bars or bag of chips stashed in your work drawer, you eliminate the option for yourself to grab them and start munching away.

I follow a general rule of just not buying any unhealthy snacks, this not bringing them into my home. Treats are treats, and they shouldn’t be easy to access like a regular food item.

If you need to have something for those late afternoons, replace unhealthy options with healthy ones such as nuts or an apple.

Are You Just Bored?

Possibly you are just bored and reaching for those munchies as something to do. To avoid this, get up and have a short walk around. Stretch out your legs if you have been sitting for awhile, and get your mind rebooted by getting a bit of fresh air if you can.

Is there an errand you need to run? This might be just the time to go run that letter to the mailbox or empty the dishwasher. Before you know it you just might have forgotten that you “thought” you were hungry.

Stay on Track

If you can follow these tips you should be able to stay on track and beat the munchies. With little lifestyle adjustments you can get you body fueled through the day and avoid any extra calories that you didn’t really need.

Make sure you fill your plate right, hydrate, remove munchies from arm’s reach, and keep yourself from eating during a stagnant part of the day.

If you can do this, you should be good to go! 🙂

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Avoid Unnecessary Snacking Throughout Your Day

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