The face behind Thrive in Family Life helping make Montessori easily accessible to new parents. I’m a Montessori at home mother to two boys under 3 and an active participant at local Montessori children’s house.

I was just like you a few years ago, overwhelmed by how to begin Montessori at home with my new baby.

There wasn’t an easy checklist of “Things To Do” when you decide to start using Montessori principles at home.

I searched good ol’ Pinterest and Google for help to get things set-up at home so we could thrive and enjoy our new family life.

I was sent here, there, and everywhere and spent hours trying to find what I was looking for.

It got old fast, and the more mobile my little lad got, the less time I had to keep searching for the information I was looking for.

That is when I decided I wanted to help others and make ONE place that anyone could come to find information on Montessori in the first year, the baby year.

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Are you starting Montessori with your baby?

Have you asked yourself any of these questions….

How do I start using Montessori with a baby?

How do I set-up everything ?

Who is Maria Montessori?

Do I have to buy expensive toys?

If ANY of these resonate with you,
you are in the right place!

That is exactly what Thrive in Family Life is all about, ONE place to go and find the resources you need to start Montessori at home for modern parents.

Learn How to Set-up a Montessori baby room

Prepare Montessori activities for your baby

Find Resources to Help you Plan and Prepare for the Ages & Stages


It is my passion to help others like you begin their family journey of Montessori at home with a baby.

I also want to help you truly thrive in your family life by nurturing relationships and getting the most out of your family time.

5 Little Bit’s About Me

1 | I am the 3rd generation of mother in my family to set-up family life in a different country from where I grew up. Which comes with many challenges of learning the “norm” for childhood when you have kid’s of your own.

2 | Board games are my favorite group activity.

3 | Bar 717 Summer Camp is my spirit place and was where I worked for a few summers. No cell signal. No internet. Just real people working hard and enjoying life. Hard work, Kindness, and Friendship are what makes for a fulfilling life.

4 | I am an avid handwritten letter writer. Despite the chaos of modern life, I do my best to still send handwritten letters to family and friends a few times a year. There is something special about receiving handwritten mail and I try do that for others to give them a smile.

Especially for the elders in my family who don’t use modern technology. They often get forgotten and truly enjoy getting handwritten correspondence.

5 | Photobooks are my thing, and something I find are truly important for family. I remember looking at my childhood photos all the time growing up. They are a key component for staying connected and knowing where you came from. We also never know how long we have with someone in our lives. My photos with my father and my grandparents are extremely cherished.

So I have done my best in this modern era to make sure to print photo’s out for my family. We all have many, many photos on our phones, but they are not easily accessible to our kids or others. There is something more special about sitting down together and looking at actual photos in an album.

I am glad you have stopped to get to know the voice behind Thrive in Family Life.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences of beginning your Montessori journey!