14 Valentines Day Home Date Night Ideas for Parents [2023]

These fun and unique Valentine’s Day Stay-At-Home Date Night ideas for parents will give you something to look forward to this Valentine’s Day. Just because you have to stay home doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun or still light a little romance to your evening!

Valentine’s Day is the yearly reminder to make time for date nights with the one you love. When you become a parent sometimes there isn’t a babysitter handy and you might end up having to celebrate at home.

Don’t let that stop you from making time for your loved one! With a bit of creativity and heart you can create a bonding evening with your loved one after the kids go to bed. You can still have a Valentine’s Day date night at home and have it feel special, even if you have to plan it last minute!

Here are 14 Valentine’s Day stay-at-home date night ideas to help you create a unique date night that will suit you and your loved one!

1 | Chocolate Tasting Date Night

As it’s been said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” . So why not get a yummy variety of nice chocolates and have a wine and chocolate tasting in your own home!

If you really want to have some fun, melt some of your favorite chocolate and dip some strawberries and pretzels in it! Here’s a easy recipe for making chocolate dipped strawberries.

Chocolate tasting for stay at home Valentines Date Night for parents
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2| Picnic in the Backyard

Wanna change things up a bit? Have a cozy picnic on the back deck or in the backyard for your Valentine’s Day date night at home. If you don’t feel like cooking anything good ol’ Uber Eats can help you out. Then just put what you get in the basket and have nice plates & cups to serve on once outside.

If you live in a chilly area don’t forget a snuggle rug as well as a picnic rug!

valentines day picnic in backyard with wicker basket, 2 roast beef sandwiches, 2 classes of rose, and bowl of strawberries on wooden chopping board all on white blanket in grass.
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3| Candlelight Dinner

Maybe you are someone who really enjoys going all out for Valentines Day? Turn you dining room into a fine dining experience with a candlelight dinner with the nice dinnerware.

You both can really add pizzazz to your night if you dress up for the occasion as well! How often as parent’s do we get to pull out our nice dress clothes?

Again, if you are short on time or not really the chef type don’t feel bad about ordering to-go and then plating it up at home on the nice dishes. It’s about what suits you, so make it work for you!

4| Wedding Video Playback

When did you last pull out your wedding video and watch it? Valentine’s Day is a great time to dust off that CD (do they still put them on CD’s these days?).

Toast the night away with some champagne and nibbles then click play and watch the day you two walked down the isle.

5| Spa Night Together

Who wouldn’t love a spa day for their Valentine’s Date night, just because you’re at home doesn’t bean you can’t turn your home into a spa experience! This one can take a wee bit of prep, or you can use up all those gifted spa gift packs you’ve received over the years.

Great Gender Neutral Spa Kit

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Slow down and take some time to give each other a massage and treat each other to some TLC. Maybe start the evening with a shared bubble bath and a glass of wine or a beer. Just use this night as a night to relax and spend some quality time together.

valentines spa date night at home with bathtub with candle, sweet pink dessert, plant, and essnetial oil on bath board/table.
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6| Homemade Valentines Pizza

A fun night cooking with the one you love for a stay-at-home Valentine’s date! Make a homemade heart-shaped Valentine’s Day pizza together. Then devour the delicious creation you’ve made!

Maybe snap a photo first to add to your family photobook, show off your cooking skills to the kids one day!

Homemade heart pizza for Valentines Day date night for parents
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7 | Card Game Night

Grab all the card games you own and have a mini card-game tournament. Uno, Skip-Bo, Monopoly Deal, and any others you like to play can be part of your game night for Valentine’s Day.

Winner has to give the other a 30 minute massage!

8 | Build Something Together

Been talking about doing a DIY project for the house lately? Why not choose to work on it together for Valentine’s Day? Build a creation out of love!

Whether it be a DIY coffee table or maybe a toybox for the kids, have a bit of fun and work on a project together as part of your Valentine’s Day stay-at-home date night.

Valentines Day DIY Date night for Parents at home
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9 | Love Letters & Coffee

For the literary at heart, a night of love letter writing, reading, and coffee. Writing love letters is certainly becoming a lost romantic art, so why not bring it back to life this Valentine’s Day?

I know my literature loving friends out there will swoon over a handwritten love letter. Pair that with a warm beverage and you have a cozy, romantic evening ahead.

10 | Themed Top Chef Dinner Night

When is the last time you learned to cook something new? Pick a theme for the night, possibly Mediterranean or Indian food, and with your partner learn to cook a new dish together.

There are various Youtube channels to show you, or head to the local library and grab a cookbook and head to the grocery store.

11 | Cocktails & Nibbles

Feel like being fancy? Dress up to the nines and make some cocktails (or mocktails) and nibbles to indulge in while having a chat together while soft jazz plays in the background.

Turn your living area into a cocktail bar and have a bit of fun feeling classy!

Maybe sneak in a few slow dances together? If dancing is not your thing, maybe listen to an audiobook together while since Amazon’s Audible is having a sale.

This doesn’t take much prep, nor much time in the kitchen cooking.

Just a few trays of nibbles in the oven such as mozzarella sticks, garlic bread or have some fresh nibbles like a shrimp cocktail platter or bruschetta. Then relax and just enjoy some time together.

Valentines stay at home date night with cocktails and  dress up with cheese, grapes,and nibbles on wooden table with man and wife holding hands
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12 | Ice Cream Sundaes & Netflix

Wanna feel like a teenager again? Have an ice cream sundae bar and watch some silly Netflix shows/movie.

Recreate the teenage years when you enjoyed the simple things like a movie and ice cream as a date night. Splurge a bit and get some yummy toppings to add on top!

13 | Plan Romantic Date Nights for the Year

So maybe you had to stay in for Valentine’s Day this year, that doesn’t mean you have to stay home for every date night for the rest of the year! How about you use this night together to brainstorm some epic date nights you’d like to do throughout the rest of the year?

As an easy start, how about one per month for the rest of the year? Make a big list together, and then from your master list select the 10 you both really would like to do this year.

If budget needs to be part of the plan make an envelope for each date night and fill it with a bit of extra cash each paycheck. Decorate those envelopes tonight and write in sharpie in big letters what your date night is. Put them in a safe place (you know, like your underwear drawer) and each month pick which one you are going to do and plan it out in advance.

SEE BONUS IDEA below for an EASY way to do this!

14 | Make A Photobook Together

Valentines Day Stay at home date night idea to make photo book
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This day in age we take more photos than ever, yet we hardly print any of them out. So how about this Valentine’s Day you work together to make a photobook.

It can either be about just the two of you or it can include the entire family. While you organize the photos and put them in the book take your time to reminisce about all the little memories you have made together.

With a bit of prep of printing the photos out ahead of time, you can enjoy the evening looking over the highlights of recent months/years together. Be intentional with this time and really cherish the joy that has come from your relationship, all the little moments.

Get those photo’s out of your phone and into a regular photo album so that you can easily look at them anytime. If your more design savy you can try using an online photobook maker (such as Shutterfly or Snapfish) or scrapbooking with fun designs and paper.

You can either use:

  • Regular Photo Album
  • Online Photobook Maker
  • Scrapbook


Do you often struggle as a couple to come up with ideas for dates?

This Adventure Challenge Book for couples is a great way to solve that problem. I only came across them recently and was super impressed as it was perfect for hubby and I who like a bit of adventure in our lives as a couple (they have a fun family edition too).

This book is filled with ideas, but you don’t know what they are until you scratch and reveal the idea for that date (so it’s a surprise!)

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This is a great idea for inspiring you for Valentines Day, or a great gift for the day to keep your dates going all year long.

Check out the video below to see how it works 🙂

Final Thoughts

The aim is to keep it intentional. If Valentine’s Day is important to you, don’t let it slip by just because you have to stay home this year. A lot of the above ideas require little, to no planning (as parents, that’s #lifegoals, right!?) So enjoy your evening, even if you have to stay for this one.

If you struggle for gift ideas and need some inspiration for Valentines Gifts, just check out Amazon’s Valentines Shop page. Heaps of ideas to help you out.

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