Ways to Bond With Family While At Home (Little Moments Matter)

Inside: Make time to bond with your family at home every day for 30 min of less and you will deeply strengthen your family relationships. Quality family time is key to strong family bonds, so make those little moments matter. Put the individual screens away and do something together as a family every day to invest in those interpersonal relationships.

Things You Can Do Every Day to Bond with Kids

Little moments you create every day strengthen the bonds you have with your family. Those little things often end up meaning more than the big things.

These are the memories kids hold close to their hearts, those family walks after dinner where you chat and get outside together or a card game every night to have a laugh and some friendly competition.

These are moments your really invest in your relationships with your family, so it’s time to start making time to fit these moments in. Here are some idea’s of things you can do to have some quality time your kids for 30 minutes or less each day.

Family Walk After Dinner

Going on a family walk after dinner every day. You can take the family dog with you and enjoy waving hello to the neighbors as you pass.

It is great fun during the different seasons as you can all look at spring flowers, autumn colors, winter holiday lights, and more throughout the year. I know looking at the holiday lights were some of my favorite family walks during the year.

Family Dinner

Sitting down together for dinner every night is a daily activity that opens the door for open communication between parents and kids. It’s a time to discuss the fun things going on in each others live, and go over any worries going on.

Make a designated discussion time at the end to really make those conversations count. Maybe have a bowl of fruit & homemade whip cream at the end of every meal to emphasize family talk time.

Card Game

If trying to have family discussion at the dinner table every night seems a bit daunting, how about a family round of cards every evening? Either a normal deck of cards. Uno, Skip-Bo, or are all pretty easy to have sitting somewhere close to the dinner table.

After everyone is done eating, the family can pitch in together to clear and wipe the table quick and then have 1 or 2 rounds of a card game every night.

Most games shouldn’t last more than 20 ish minutes, and it’s a good way to have some laughs and fun with your kids. Once the game is over, then tackle the dishes.

Reading Before Bed

Read to your young children aloud every evening. Whether after dinner or before bed, make time to sit with your children and read to them. It is one of the best things you can do for your children.

When they get older it can be family time together in the living room where everyone gets cozy and reads a book for 20 minutes. Leading by example is key for this tradition, and so why not become the book worm you used to be?

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Weekly Ways to Bond with Your Kids

To add on to the daily bonding you do with your family, it can be quite fun to throw in a weekly tradition that takes a bit more time. These can often be done on weekends.

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Every week cook a big family breakfast together. The kids will look forward to every Saturday when they wake up and get to help mom/dad make breakfast with some music (I find Jack Johnson a great playlist for this).

You can keep it simple and make the same thing every Saturday such as pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Routine doesn’t mean it will get “boring”, trust me. It take the stress out of the activity, as everyone already knows what to do. It becomes fun, quality family time!

Going to Church

Many families enjoy going to church every weekend. This activity is held dear to many families as a time to connect with extended family and friends every week.

If you’ve been doing one, two, skip a few , then it might be time to make it more regular. Let your kids look forward to the morning out together where they see their church friends at Sunday school.

Sports Game Night

Is your family really into sports? Maybe watching one sports game together each week could be your weekly bonding activity.

Make some snacks together to share and have everyone watch together in the same room. The main point is for everyone to be together.

Friday Movie Night

Get the cozy blankets out, maybe make some pillow forts and have a night in together every Friday watching a movie.

Pop some popcorn and maybe have dessert on these nights! Make these nights extra special weekly traditions that your kids really look forward to.

It is one of the cheapest, and easiest traditions you can do with your family that really provides a great opportunity for family bonding.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Daily Family Bonding Activities

Make this time fun. Make it something your kids look forward to each day, as it becomes routine they won’t need to be told to “get ready” to do it.

They will already be getting ready for this time because they will look forward to this time with you.

Slow down, forget your “To-Do List” for 30 minutes, and just take this time to be with your kids. Listen to them, pay attention to what they aren’t saying. Tune in to what is really going on with your kids lives.

These are the moments where you will be able to catch if anything is going awry, whether that be bullying or current events that are worrying them. Having these good moments will also help you as a parent tune in to when things aren’t going well with your kids.

So make these little moments count! Start making memories that your kids will always remember, and tune in to your kids so that you can catch when anything is “off”.

This is also great time for you as parent’s to just relax and have a bit of fun. We all need time to relax the shoulders for a bit and regroup. Lead by example and make time for bonding with your family every day.

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Family Bonding Every Day – Idea of Things to Do

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