The Secret to Adding Self Care to Your Mom Life

Inside: Reflect on these 3 secrets to making time for yourself as a mother. We cannot help anyone else in our family if our fuel tank is empty. If there is one thing you do today, please watch Jada Smith’s video talking with her daughter about being a mother. Self care as a mom is important, and we need to find ways to fit it in.

Like everything that comes with the beginning of parenthood, adding time for self-care into your life can seem kind of impossible.

You probably wonder how you’ll manage to find time to do anything extra for yourself when you are already busy taking care of a little human being and up-keeping your relationship with your partner.

To be successful at adding new habits into your daily life you need to make it predictable. You need to make it happen regularly to make it feel effortless and like it is just a usual part of your day.

Keep reading, and I’ll demonstrate ways to help you find time to make self-care a routine part of your life.You need it mama, when you fill your cup, you have more to give to others in your life

What Makes YOU happy?

To create a  self-care habit you need to choose an activity that is meaningful to you and that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what every magazine says to do as “self-care”, you need to do what you like.

I often read about doing your nails or taking a bath in the evening…and I tried it., but I don’t like those things so it did nothing for me. Worse, it become another thing  “to-do” on my already long list of things to-do.

Grab a post it note and write down activities that make you feel calm, relaxed, or happy. Preferably not screen-related. Make sure these activities can be done in a short amount of time and easily fit into your life. Keep it simple, but meaningful.

Some examples can be:

  • Having a cup of coffee while it is still warm
  • Doing 5 yoga poses in the backyard before the kids get up
  • Writing in a gratitude or memory journal
  • Reading a few pages in a book
  • Picking some flowers for inside the house
  • Take the dog for a walk around the block
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Make Time

Determine the most convenient time of day you can incorporate these self-care habits into your daily rhythm. This should not cause stress adding in a short amount of time for yourself. Many people go with morning or evening routines, right when they wake up and before going to sleep each night.

For example, if you like to walk the dog around the block you might be able to fit this in after your partner gets home. They can have some 1-on-1 time with the kids while you take 20 minutes to yourself for self-care. If you relish in being able to finish a cup of coffee while it is still warm, set your alarm clock for 15 minutes before your kids normally wake-up to drink to take your time and sip on a warm cup of coffee to soothe your soul.

For the working mom’s out there you using your lunch break as self-care time might work better for you. I personally know a few women who go on a walk during their lunch break to get fresh air and a bit of exercise.

It will take some time to adjust when is best, but find a moment to call your own every day.

Jada Smith ( Will Smith’s Wife) explains this paradox of Motherhood and why you need to fill your cup in the best way I have ever heard.
Have a listen as she answers her daughters question
“How hard is it being a wife and mother?”

Flexibility and Grace is Key

Keeping to a scheduled time is the best way to continue a daily habit to make time for yourself. However, give yourself grace, as a mom some days are more chaotic than others.Or the weather isn’t on your side.

Tomorrow is a new day, and you can start again. It won’t take long before you find yourself wanting to take part in these rituals sticking with a self-care routine will be easy.

Don’t make the process stressful, just work on making a few adjustments to your existing schedule so can free up some space in your day. Use this space to do something meaningful and of value for your.

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Make Time for Big Self-Care Too

Do you have a hobby or activity you really miss? Since becoming a mom have you stopped doing something you really loved? 

Make sure to make time for the big stuff too, because that will really fill up your cup. For me I feel heaps better and more positive if I can fit in some gym time occasionally. Being rural this has to be a more planned activity, but it makes a huge difference in my mood and happiness when I can fit it in.

Fitness. Trivia nights. Coffee Catch Up. Girls nights outs. These are all bigger activities that might take more than a few minutes in your morning/evening routine.  Though, they can have a huge impact on your feel. 

These are meaningful activities that might really have defining aspect of who you are. Make time to do these activities too, plan them ahead.

Once a week, every other week, or once a month. Whatever suits your family’s schedule, but find time to participate in these activities. 

You might be a mom, but you are also still an individual who has passions she wants to pursue.  Make sure to find time for YOU.

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Self Care Routines for Moms

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  1. That video is spot on. Right there, every mother needs to watch it man. It’s not about forgetting yourself. It about finding balance, otherwise we can’t help anyone in the family.


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