Simple ways to get your life together at home (In 1 Day)

Inside: Get your life together all in a day with these 9 tips. Simple ways to help you tackle the easy tasks that have a big impact on getting your family life organized. So eat the frog and get life sorted this weekend!

Life gets chaotic quite quickly sometimes.
Next thing you know you feel behind in everything.
How long you decide to let this go for is what makes all the difference.

Only you can decide when you are going to stop, re-group and get your life together at home again.

The longer you wait, the more stress you will incur.
So prevent the stress, and take 1 day to get your life sorted again.

Here are 9 simple ways to get your life together at home. You can do them all in 1 day, and then continue to do them on a more regular basis.

Seriously, these 9 things are the base tasks you can do often to maintain a hold on life’s responsibilities.

So here we go, get out a post-it note and write these down!


If you make your bed first thing in the morning you have already accomplished one thing for the day.

You will get the buzz of ticking that off your to-do list, and that can start your momentum for a good day. Small successes motivate you to keep going and get more things done.

Plus, there is just something visually satisfying about a bedroom with the bed made. That feel good feeling is always a nice start to the day with your coffee.


woman drinking water to get life together and have better health
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Now that I mention coffee, I want you to do something before you have your coffee. Maybe while the kettle is boiling or the coffee is brewing, I want you to drink one glass of water.

It’s time you get stuck into good ol’ H2O. Staying hydrated is known to help you feel better throughout the day.

So start by having your first glass, first thing in the morning. It is the easiest 30 seconds to getting your life together in the “health” department.

Make sure your family sees you if you can. Be a role model for good health by staying hydrated with water. I know my 1 year old now always goes to get a drink of water from his drink bottle whenever I do.


Life gets busy and it is easy to ignore nutrition when you are tired, busy, or stressed.

So, make good nutritional options available for yourself and your family at all times. Keep your fruit bowl stocked and ready for anyone to grab from when they get hungry.

Keeping good nutrition options available will help improve your whole family’s health. When you are well-fed everyone will have more energy to get things done.


One of the most used items we have that we use EVERY DAY is our undies.
Yet, we have to think about whether or not to spend money on them.

Putting on old, ratty undies in the morning can make the start to your day a bit depressing.
So throw out em out and get yourself some fresh, new undies.

Update those undies!

You wear them every day, so they are worth the investment. Often we easily spend money on something we might use only once a week. So, you shouldn’t need to second guess spending money on something you use every day.


How often do you reach into your handbag and have to shift through crumpled receipts, loose coins, tissues, wrappers, and more?

Give your purse a spring clean and get back to only having the essentials.

You will feel more organized when you go out and about, which will give you that extra confidence boost you need for to feel productive when you are running errands.


It’s time to get all the to-do’s out of your head and on paper.

Write down all the tings you need to get done. Errands, deadlines, chores, and reminders will be lifted from your mind and put on to paper.

A huge burden of weight should feel lifted off your shoulders as your brain now feels lighter from trying to desperately keep track of all those tasks.

Place this list either on the side of your fridge or on the front page of your planner. As you cross each task off you will get a visual reminder that you are getting things sorted and being productive.


Let’s be honest, have you let you inbox get cluttered with unread emails?
You wouldn’t let yourself do the same if it was paper mail would you? No.

Time to dominate your inbox and go through them all. Make sure you have a chunk of time to sit down and tackle them all in one go. Make folders along the way if you need to keep your inbox organized for the future.

Unsubscribe to any emails you never read and save yourself having to go through deleting future clutter. This extra step will save you heaps of stress and time in the future.

Once you see the “0” unread emails you will feel heaps better.
You should feel like you are truly getting on top of things now.


Have you reviewed your family budget lately? Looked to see if your actual bill amounts are equaling your estimations? It’s time to stop putting it off and review your family budget.

I know the idea of looking at a spreadsheet might make you want to crawl back to the couch and go back to scrolling through the beautiful holiday photo’s on Insta, but you need to stay in tune with your finances to truly have your life together.

If you need some tips on how to go over your household budget the easy way without of spreadsheet, check out “Why You Need a Household Budget” to give you the simple steps to sit down and quickly write it out.


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Last but not least, the fun end to your day to get you feeling like you have your life together.

Paint your toenails!

Painted nails have a special way of making life seem a bit more put together. When you wear your sandals you will feel like a star with each step you take, even if you are only wearing an old t-shirt and jeans.

A bit of visual pizazz can make you feel more confident, and confidence is important to feeling like you have your life together.

So after all your hard work for the day tackling the hard stuff, reward yourself with a good pedicure to show off your productivity for the day!

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A Few Simple Ways to Feel Like You Have Your Life Stuff together

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