Random Acts of Kindness for Toddlers | Ideas for 2023

The times are shifting back to “normal” and we now have the opportunity to have our kids learn and show kindness to their local community.

Demonstrating how to be kind and thoughtful with random acts of kindness for toddlers is a lovely way to begin 2023 and make it a year of connection & community.

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If you are new to the concept, a “Random Act of Kindness” is a gesture of kindness out of the blue with now reciprocation expected. A good example is when friends or neighbors drop off a cooked meal to new parents of a newborn.

This idea is something I love to bring to the toddler level, to begin demonstrating how to think of others and be a part of a community.

As they say, “Lead by example”. Showing our kids how to be involved in our communities is so important. We can “tell them” all day long, but if we show them and make it hands on, that is the kind of life lesson that sticks and make a core memory.

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Make a clean-up walk part of your weekly routine

When participating in a random act of kindness a toddler can learn compassion, empathy, and goodwill.

If this is something you are interested in bringing to your family as well here is a list of things you can look through and find what ideas suit your toddlers abilities.

Toddler boy in striped shirt coloring with markers on a table on porch for random act of kindness for toddler
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To really make the concept clear to your toddler it might be fun to do one every day for a week, 2 weeks, or even a month if you’re up to it.

These little moments make for great family memories and connection time, as well as making your child feel like a part of their community.

30 Random Acts of Kindness for Toddlers

  1. Bake cookies for grandparent/s
  2. Donate a toy to charity
  3. Call relative
  4. Pick up litter while on a walk
  5. Give stickers & paper to a friend
  6. Plant flower in empty milk jug for friend
  7. High five everyone in family
  8. Leave kindness stones along sidewalk
  9. Color a picture for fire department
  10. Give coloring to elderly neighbors
  11. Write kindness note for neighbors
  12. Wave to the garbage man
  13. Plant native flowers in empty lot
  14. Set table for dinner
  15. Pick weeds for neighbor
  16. Give kids books to waiting room
  17. Smile to as many people
  18. Hold door open for someone
  19. Give bubbles to friends
  20. Ask elder to tell story of their childhood
  21. Return a shopping cart
  22. Lemonade in jars for neighbors
  23. Send a postcard to family
  24. Donate outgrown clothes
  25. Take food to local food bank
  26. Kind post-it notes for store clerks
  27. Give soup can to sick friend
  28. Give teacher a flower
  29. Draw chalk pictures on sidewalk
  30. Fill a jar with candy & give to police station
Blonde toddler  in long sleeve shirt and jeans picking yellow dandelions in a grass area
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These are some ideas for you to grab from, don’t feel after reading this list you need to so ALL this list.

Many of these require adult supervision, so it is a team effort.

Get inspiration and make your own Kindness challenge list.

Put it on the fridge and make it a goal to get through the list in a set time frame.

Would you like a fun visual checklist for your toddler?

Grab ours for your fridge!

Random Acts of Kindness Toddler Visual Checklist!

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    It can be loads of fun to do together over 2 weeks.

    Do them it whatever order suits you.

    Let your toddler cross them off after they have done them, watch the smile spread across their face

    Ask them how it made them feel and encourage a bit of discussion to really instill the beauty of random acts of kindness and how they make a community feel connected.

    motherhood mindfullness challenge with mom and daughter
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    Some of our toddlers’ favorite ones to do is color pictures for the neighbors and leave them in their letterbox.

    We have a handful of elderly neighbors on our street and they get so much joy from this random act of kindness from our toddlers. They like to do it without me even asking anymore, they just tell me they’d like to walk and mail their pictures (heart melt moment as a parent).

    Random Acts of Kindness for Toddlers, easy 2 week challenge for 2023.
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    Are there anymore you have done that you would add to this list?
    Let me know below and I can add them!

    Random Acts of Kindness for Kids | Toddler Edition

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