Pregnancy in 2022, How to Still have An Amazing Birth (Free Online Prenatal Class for Couples)

The Unknown for Pregnant Mama’s in 2020

This year has certainly thrown a number of curve balls for those of us trying to manage pregnancy and world events. Fires, floods, and now a Pandemic….the world is certainly making sure us mom’s this year are ready for ANYTHING before we enter motherhood.

It’s been hard. We all have been given restrictions of some sort, which for some has really limited our ability to enjoy all the good things that come with pregnancy.

Maybe your partner couldn’t go to ultrasound?

Maybe you are facing having to birth without your partner?

Maybe you’re like me and had a family member planned to come stay with you for 6 months in the country you live in and now that’s all up in the air?

It’s been HARD, and we are allowed to be upset and mourn our lost experiences.

I know I am upset, as I am due at the end of May and everything I had planned has now been turned upside down, and is still changing by the day.

It seems impossible to plan anything with all that keeps changing.

Though, I want you to still look forward and believe you can still have an amazing birth. Despite everything that is not going as planned, we still have the personal choice to make our actual birth a moment to remember.

Keep Doing All Fun Pregnancy Things!

There is no better way to keep a bit of positivity with your pregnancy than to keep doing the fun baby prep.

Get the baby room sorted, go through all the clothes and put them in place, prep the diaper bag.

You still have those moments, so ENJOY THEM!

Take your time, as now that many of us are at home we have the time to savor and enjoy these moments.

nursery to keep positive mindset during pregnancy
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Fill Out Pregnancy Journal

Do you have a pregnancy journal?
If you do then fill it out!

All the little kicks and special moments are worth recording to help you remember this time with positive memories.

If you haven’t gotten one yet, I completely recommend them!

As much as we think we will remember everything, we won’t.

Especially with so much else worrying us right now, it could become very hard to remember the small, precious pregnancy moments.

I have used 2 books and did a lot of looking around before picking the ones I did. (Sophie the Giraffe was 2nd one, but I don’t believe they are selling them anymore)

Here is a review of the one I have and really liked.

Bump to Birthday [review]

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This is the journal I chose for my first born and absolutely loved it. After hours of looking up reviews I finally settled on this one.

The pictures throughout it were cute and gender neutral, but still colorful which I appreciated as a mama not finding out boy/girl.

Plenty of space to write and put photos was a big winner for me. So many books don’t have enough room to write normally or put normal sized photo’s. This book had ample space to writing what you want to write which was great.

Week-by-week prompts asking how you are and what you’ve been up to.
Plenty of fun section to with prompts that are actually thing’s you’ll want to remember later.

– Great Categories
– Fun Prompts
– Enough room to write
– Enough room for photos
– Cute Designs!

– Over detailed
– No baby shower spot
– 1st year limited

DIY Maternity Photos

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If you haven’t been able to do maternity photo’s due to everything going on, it might be time to have some fun DIY with your guy!

Dress up in what you would wear for your maternity photos and choose somewhere in your house or yard to take your own DIY maternity photos.

Right after Sunrise and right before sunset are your best lighting for outdoor photos. Avoid the “squinty” eyes and harsh shadows.

Have a bit of fun!
Potentially you could still connect with a photographer to edit them for you.
Ask around and see what you can make work.

As the saying goes “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Do An Online Childbirth Class

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If you have been unable to go to the prenatal birthing classes you had planned, you can still do a online birthing class with a professional!

Hilary is a nurse who has worked in pediatric urgent care, nursing homes and hospice before making the big shift to labor and delivery in 2001. She has now worked in labor and delivery wards for over 10 years.

She has put together an online birthing course for couples to take that go over before labor, during labor, and after delivery.

At the moment, most in-person classes are not an option anywhere…which is really cruddy.

Don’t feel like you have to go in unprepared though! Hilary’s Online Birthing Class offers you complete support from a nurse who know has worked in labor and delivery and knows what what mama’s want to know.

You and your partner and go through it together at your own pace and prepare for this life moment.

There is also the option to connect with others on a private FB Group and bond with others going through pregnancy during these challenging times.

Just as reassurance, she offers a 30 Day money back guarantee, so if you find it isn’t working for you just let her know within 30 days.

Free Beginning Prenatal Class

If you want to see if you jive with Hilary, take her FREE beginning prenatal class first.

She has 3 children of her own and enjoys working with soon-to-be mothers getting them ready for the beginning of their journey into motherhood.

There is even a free FB group you can join to connect with others going through this pandemic while pregnant.

Make a Birth Plan

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My visual birth plan from 1st child

Now more than ever is the time to educate yourself on all the options during birth.

You need to be flexible, as things are always changing and birth itself needs to be very flexible, but being informed is important so your preferences can be known.

If you are a mom who may not be able to have your partner with you at birth, it is especially important to be informed and have a written birth plan.

* Get Informed

* Discuss Your Preferences

* Write It Down

* Go over it with your healthcare professional

* Print It Out, Make 5 copies
– Keep 1 with You
– Healthcare professional
– Your partner
– 1 for Your Chart to Give them on Day
– Extra

The more you know, the easier it is to feel prepared and go in with the mindset you will have an amazing birth no matter what happens.

I wrote an article about making a visual birth plan if anyone is interested.

Stay Positive….the Best YOU Can

Birth is always filled with unknowns, recent times have just made it more unknown.

No matter what though, YOU can control your mindset and focus on having an amazing birth no matter what the circumstances.

My first birth did not go according to my original birth preferences, but I have left flexible options as my Plan A, B, and C preferences. I chose to still find the positive in what did happen and reflect on it as an amazing birth.

I may have had to have an epidural to avoid a c-section (which was tricky with such strong contractions), and been stuck in bed for the last 5 hours of labor.

But, I reflected on the positive that I didn’t have to “feel” any of the last parts and was able to fully focus on the birth and communicate with my midwives easily. I got to lay and enjoy my little boy for a few hours while legs came back to me.

Find YOUR positive, and just Make the Goal to Have an Amazing Birth

That’s what you CAN control though all of this.

Much Love to All the Other Pregnant Mom’s!

I wish all of you other pregnant mom’s out there the best, I know I am trying to keep my head up.

It’s not easy, and it’s okay to mourn the lost moments and memories we won’t get to have this pregnancy.

Just don’t let it consume you <3

Find your positive, savor the fun things we can still do, write in a Pregnancy Journal, get a baby book ready for once baby is born, and do an online birthing class with your partner.

We all are being put to some of the ultimate tests at this time, I am wishing you all the strength to overcome and transform into the strongest mama you can be!

Before You Go…

  • Looking to work on your mindfulness during these times? Read how to do Easy DIY Gratitude Journal.
  • Need something to do while at home to stop going stir crazy? Check out 30 Things to Throw Away Right Now!
  • Worried about being a good parent? These 4 Ted Talks are some of the most realistic and useful I found about becoming a parent. Sit and have a listen. (All under 10 min)

Sharing is Caring!

pregnancy in 2020, how to have an amazing birth despite challenging times.
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Pregnancy During Pandemic – Still Have an Amazing Birth!

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  1. Thank you for this article. I will check out the birthing class. I am due end of May too. It’s been a scary nervous journey for me. This is my second delivery.

    • Hi Amisha!
      Same here, this is my 2nd delivery and trying to remind myself of “all the things” birth related as my mind as been out of sorts with everything else going on. I hope all goes well for you! With how quick everything changes we really have no idea what May will bring, but hoping it will be good news with everyone social distancing!


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