Montessori Floor Bed Ideas from 12 Real Families

Needing inspiration for a Montessori floor bed for your little one?

Here are some real families and how they have set-up a Montessori floor bed in their home for their infants and young toddlers.

baby crawing on to their Montessori floor bed
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Photo by: ky___roh via Instagram

These are all some lovely arrangements for creating a Montessori aligned sleeping space for children.

I would like to add, please be mindful of the age of your child and the safe sleep guidelines that are known in this modern day.

Things that look “cute” can pose a a risk to sleeping children, so please be mindful when getting inspiration for your own home. <3

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montessori toddler bed in a shared bedroom
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Montessori shared toddler room - boys shared toddler room
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