Montessori Christmas Gifts for 0 – 3yr | 2023 Edition

Educational Gift Guide for Baby’s

Need inspiration for an educational Christmas gift for a baby in your life?

As joyful as Christmas time can be, there is sometimes a looming anxiety of what to buy for everyone.

Advertised “Educational toys” can confuse even the most well-meaning gift giver, so here is a simple collection of Montessori Christmas ideas with child development in mind (Budget Friendly!)

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I am going to start by saying BOOKS are one of my FAVORITE gifts to suggest to family and friends.

If you know you are looking for book ideas as a Christmas gift then scroll to the bottom for our family’s top 20 favorite Montessori baby books.


Montessori Christmas Gifts Ideas 0 – 3 Months

Newborn Montessori Christmas Gift Ideas
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My Top 3 Picks:
Baby Gym (with attachments for later months)
Contrast Cards ( under $10)

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The Baby Gym is fantastic for a new Montessori baby, as it has attachments included that grow with the child all the way into toddlerhood.

Contrast cards are the easiest gift to for parents to use, as they can be placed next to change tables or put next to play areas. Very versatile!

Contrasting mobile is very Montessori aligned, the actual Munari Mobile is preferred but can be hard to source a reliable safe one on Amazon these days.

Montessori Christmas Gift Ideas 3 – 6 Months

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My Top 3 Picks:
Realistic Photos Board Books
Charmer Play Kit
Skwish Toy

Montessori Christmas Gifts - skwish, Lovevery Charmer Kit, Animal Board Books.
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Board Books with realistic photos are a great first addition to any Montessori child’s bookshelf. The realistic photos are what make it Montessori-aligned. DK also has a great board book set with realistic photos (trucks, animals, farm).

Lovevery Charmer Set has all the grasping toys, rattles, texture items that a Montessori baby would want in one kit. Of there kits, this is one that is worth it as it’s probably cheaper than finding each item on Amazon.

Skwish Toy, I don’t know what to say other than babies just seem to LOVE this toy. I don’t get it, but after being a nanny & a mum there is just something they like about it.

Montessori Christmas gift ideas 6 - 9 months old baby
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My Top 3 Picks:
Baby’s First Dining Set
Ball Run
Object Permanence Box

Montessori Christmas Gifts - ball run, dining set, object permanence box
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Montessori Dining Set is a child’s first introduction to dining table routine. This set can be used by the parent as an “activity” at first to learn to set table. And bit by bit when child is ready begin to actually use it at meal time. At 6 months old this would usually just be placemat and cup. An optional “just cup” option would be the EzPz Silicone Cup.

Ball Run toy is a fun “tracking” toy that teaches them cause & effect as well. It can keep them entertained for quite awhile, and it comes with more than one ball so siblings or friends can participate with baby.

Object Permanence Box is a Montessori community favorite and would be loved as a gift by any Montessori family. This was used for many many months by my kiddos.

New To Montessori? Read About our Experience at Home with 6 Month Old

Montessori Christmas Gifts 10 month old
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My Top 3 picks
Block Set
Hammering Toy
Watering Can

Montessori Christmas gifts 11 month old - hammer toy, block set, watering can
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A Block Set is one of the most versatile gifts you can get for a child that lasts for years because it is an open ended toy. This particular set includes ways a parent could lay out certain sections to set-up certain activities (such as shape sorting).

Hammering Toys are just a big favorite of any child (especially my two). Learning hand-eye-coordination is a big skill that comes with with gift.

A Watering Can that is toddler sized is a great way to start getting toddlers outside and in the yard doing practical life skills. So many things are learned when they start to follow us adults (whether parent, auntie, or grandparent) around the yard.

Bonus Idea: Chatbook Mini-Photobooks

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Great addition for any young child, as they are photo books sized for their little hands.

Chatbook mini photobooks gives the great opportunity to print out photos of family members and memories that toddlers can hold and look through by themselves.

They have a toddler guarantee, so if they are damaged within 12 months you can get a replacement.

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Some of those closer to toddler age, or maybe have just crossed over into the toddler years might have certain interests.

Here are some Montessori Gift Ideas by interest to help you narrow down the best Christmas gift!

For the Kitchen Lovers

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Kid Stir Cooking Kit

A very Montessori-aligned cooking kit which includes toddler-friendly recipe cards, cooking utensils, and more. They have subscription option OR One-Time baking kits available.

For the Creatives

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Natural Beeswax Crayons from Honeysticks Store (ships worldwide)

A lovely option for a child’s first crayon set. 100% pure beeswax crayons handmade in New Zealand.

With over 9,000+ amazon reviews and 5-start rating it is certainly a LOVED option by many families.

I know we introduced crayons at around 12 months and had the occasional crayon go in the mouth, so having a natural product is good option when they are this young.

For the Movers

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Play Tunnel from Lovevery (ships to USA)

Gross motor skills are huge in the first few years of of a child’s life, and for some they LOVE to move, climb, and get around.

A play tunnel is a great gift as it can be stored away very compact, but still make a BIG impact for play when it is out for kiddos.

For the Explorers

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Kids Gardening Set by Storybook Kids Explorer Clubs (ships USA)

My boys have LOVED going in the garden with me since they were crawling. Once about 10 months they have enjoyed getting involved and being able to dig with me or participate in some way.

This gardening kit is similar to what we were gifted by family and is a gift that will last through the toddler years. My eldest has used his watering can from 1 yr old to now 3 years old.

If you know a little explorer this is a fun option that they will enjoy for a long time.

Favorite Montessori Baby Books

two young boy toddlers sitting on a dark blue striped kids couch reading board books next to bookshelf in their room.
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Here is a quick list of our favorite Montessori baby books that would make a great addition to any young child’s bookshelf for Christmas:

Most of these books are under $10, so for those looking for easy budget friendly Montessori Christmas Gift Ideas (or educational gift ideas), this book this list is for you!

How bout a Gift for the Parents?

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Are the parents about to enter the toddler years with their Montessori child?

This book is an AMAZING resource to any Montessori parents, and would make a great gift for them if they haven’t got it already!

Hope this has helped you find a great Christmas gift idea for the Montessori Child in your life!

Have a lovely holiday season this year !

Save for Later!

Montessori Christmas Gifts for Baby
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Montessori Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Kids

montessori 12 month old
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