Realistic Montessori at Home with 12 month Old {Budget Friendly}

Inside: Montessori at home with a 12 month old. What it looks like from a realistic home, and what Montessori toys we have on our Montessori shelf for 1 year old. I also share what practical life skills with 12 month old looks like for us, and what outdoor play includes.

Montessori at Home with 12 Month Old

Life at home with a 12 month old is pretty busy! Our little fella is ready to really explore as much as he can all day long.

Following Montessori has actually made parenting heaps easier! It’s taken all the guesswork out of things and given us the tools to parent in a way that is effective and great for the long term.

Using the Montessori Toddler book ( AMAZING! ) and inspiration from other Montessori at home families has allowed us to create a routine and play area for our 1 year old to learn and grow.

Montessori Shelf at 12 Months

Montessori shelf for 12 month old with Montessori toys on it.

This is what our Montessori inspired shelf looked like for our 12 month old.

Notice how the activities that have pieces are separated and ready for him to put together?

That is a big part of setting up a Montessori activity, leaving it ready for them to assemble.

If you already have it “together” then it does not encourage them to “do” the activity, as it already looks “done”. Such as the box activity above.

Normally I would have it set-up as below, so that he can sort the colors into the coordinated box.

Montessori toy for 12 month old that is red, yellow, and blue sorting box.

Montessori Toys for 12 Month Old

I started with trying to DIY and pick out toys here and there that I thought would suit, which is how above shelf was created

Later, I discovered there were much easier options that I wish I would have found earlier.

LOVERY was one of those resources I wish I found earlier which would have saved me money in the long run instead of buying everything individually.

Though, little fella enjoyed what we did find and spent lots of time on his “work”, so either way of acquiring materials can work perfectly fine!

It’s just heaps easier, especially with firstborn, to have access to a something like Lovery which provides materials and guided information for parents on how to use them.

The Toys/work we used at this stage:

Montessori Box with Bins

This has been a great for exploring color sorting for different shapes and objects.

I rotate the items that go inside so that he associates different items being those colors.

Sometimes I leave them inside for him to open and discover, other times the objects are out and he sorts them into colored bins.

Hammer & Pegs

A huge favorite! The hammer and pegs is great for hand eye coordination.

If your child is wanting to “bang” or “hit” things, this activity also allows them to fulfill that need.

Horizontal Dowel

montessori toy 3 colored dowel stacker

This was introduced earlier than 12 months, as we got it in a mixed bundle of Montessori toys second hand.

I was so impressed by how intrigued he was by the challenge of the horizontal dowel.

It kept him focused for long periods when he was first learning to use it.

Montessori 3 Colored Dowels Stacker

This stacker is the newest addition.

We have begun working on saying the colors while stacking them, thus associating the word with the visual item.

Hand Drum

Another great activity for fulfilling the need to “hit” or “bang” something.

We use this and the maraca when we want to be musical.

I leave both out because depending on his mood he will go for different musical item.

Wooden Maraca

Who doesn’t like to shake, rattle, and roll?!

This brings true joy to his face when he is really in the mood for shaking and dancing. We have rotated this maraca in and out many times through his development.

Definite toy that grows with the child and serves different purposes with time.

Rainbow Stacker

Another stacker that was introduced earlier than 12 months, but he still enjoys completing the activity and working on it.

Thus, I keep it out. It is all about following the child.

Board Books

We rotate different board books in and out of this area each week next to his couch.

Being a rough toddler, board books or fabric books are great options for allowing him to read books himself with less chance of damage.

Montessori promotes using books with “realistic” images inside. This helps teach your child what an item/person/animals really looks like. It is up to you in this realm.

I still have a few childhood favorites on the bigger shelf that I enjoy reading and sharing with our little fella.

With 1 exception, all these Montessori toys are under $20. There are also many ways you can DIY some of these activities with household items if you check out Pinterest!

If you want inspiration for other toys you can use on your 12 month old’s shelf for toy rotation The Kavanaugh Report has a list of options for 12 – 14 month olds.

Want a Fun 1st Birthday Gift Idea?

wooden puzzle with Jermiah as the puzzle pieces as montessori gift for 1 year old

How about a beautifully crafted wooden puzzle of your child’s name?

The lovely folks at Child Universe create personalized puzzles out of organic materials and non-toxic paints that are gorgeous. (Currently on SALE for under $15)

Where to get materials?

If you are struggling to find certain materials for your shelf at home, For Small Hands has a great affordable assortment of materials for your shelf as well as practical life.

Pitchers, transferring utensils, trays, washing/cleaning materials, etc… If there is something you are struggling to find have a look and see.

I know certain items can be difficult to find in child-size.

Lovery & MontiKids

These are both great options for Montessori aligned toys.

Lovery is a bit more on the affordable side and has great options for making a one-stop-shop for getting toy items that are aligned with your baby’s age.

Being 12 months old is right in between two kit options, The Thinker Kit and The Babbler Toddler Kit.

The babbler lovery kit montessori aligned toys

Montikids is a fantastic option that is Montessori specialized with it materials in there boxes, but it does take a bit more of the budget. At 12 months old their Level 4 Montessori Box offers a great collection of shelf work and include parent education video lessons to assist you in introducing these materials to your child.

Montikids level 4 toys for montessori at home with 12 month old

I honestly wish these were available in Australia when my first was little, as I would have jumped, leaped, and bounded towards them.

Especially Lovery boxes with our budget, as it would have saved me time and money. Even though we haven’t used them, my close friends back in the U.S. have and rave about them all the time.

They are both researched based companies that carefully select materials to introduce at particular ages and provide materials for you as parent to assist you with using these materials at home.

Lovery in Australia?

To my fellow Australia friends, Guess What? As of Nov. 2020….I believe Lovevery is coming to Australia under the name Monti&Me!

This is SUPER exciting news for those who have always wanted to try it out.

Jump over to Monti&Me and have a look at their playkits.

Practical Life Skills with 12 Month Old

practical life skills shopping with a 12 month old.

I must say I love stores that have shopping carts for kids, they make shopping trips much more of a learning opportunity.

The hardware store we go to is the only store that has them available near us.

We have a great time letting the little fella push all the small items we are getting.

Other practical life activities we do at home at 12 months old include:

  • Handing me the silverware from dishwasher
  • “Dusting” with a feather duster
  • “Wiping” table, fridge, and window
  • Handing me socks from laundry
  • Brush hair
  • Use toothbrush

These activities will vary depending on your own child’s abilities.

Our little fella started walking at 10 months, so at 12 months he was able to do things like carry items.

If your child isn’t walking yet that is totally fine, just adjust to giving them opportunities within their capabilities.

They will often just be excited that they are able to help and do an activity with you.

I will also add that activities such as brushing his own hair and teeth are done at a basic level, and usually I have to “have a turn” to make sure self care task is done completely.

Meal Times with 12 Month Old

weaning table with 12 month old

Meal times a weaning table is still used with plate and cutlery. He can seat himself and eat comfortably since everything is at his size.

Often during Breakfast and Lunch I sit with him at his weaning table and eat with him.

For more information about weaning table and Montessori Alternatives to weaning table check out this post.

Outdoor Play with 12 Month Old

outdoor montessori 1 year old playing in the backyard with gardn and chickens

Outdoor play is essential for early childhood and for our own parenting sanity. Can’t make much mess outside.

Ways to include your toddler in practical life outside are:

  • Gardening
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Feeding Pets
  • Collecting Eggs (yep, no broken eggs!)
  • and More!

Our little fella loves to help water the garden and help out with whatever tasks we need to do in the backyard.

We have found ways that we can include him in many of those activities.

When I need to water the plants around the yard I allow him to hold the hose for certain plants, such as the trees.

Many of the chicken chores he is a bit too young to help with at the moment, as things are either too heavy or not at the right height.

Though, we allow him the task of carrying an egg to the kitchen with us and putting it into the egg carton.

He only broke an egg once when he tripped and fell while walking (he’s now 2).

Toddlers can really surprise you with what they are capable of if you give them the chance!

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Other outdoor play can include many fun activities that are budget friendly!

  • Bubbles
  • Water Painting (water + paintbrush)
  • Leaf collecting
  • Sandbox
  • Mower
  • and more!

Looking for some fun Montessori inspired outdoor learning activities to do with your now toddler? Check out this Fall Bundle with heaps of nature inspired activities including learning all about bees, frog life cycles, bears, the beach, etc.

They can all be grabbed for $25, which is affordable for a whole summers worth of activities to utilize. THIS OFFER ENDS SEPT 30, 2021

Going on Walks With 12 Month Old

I also began practicing going on walks with the lil fella at this time.

I say “practicing” because we didn’t get very day in the early weeks. We only got to the neighbors house most mornings.

He would hold my hand and we would go together past the driveway and down the sidewalk or across the road.

He would explore any flowers, rocks, fence, and anything else along the way. One morning their was a chicken that got out of the neighbors yard. Lil fella thought it was a great day!

Our morning walks each morning were a great activity to practice hand holding while on walks and get outside.

I can tell you within a month or so we were able to go on family walks at the end of the day for 2 blocks. He even walks the dog (Jack Russel) by himself at the same time.

Yep, a 1 year old is capable on going on long walks with the family if you give them the chance and use patience.

That’s Our Life!

That’s our busy little life doing Montessori with a 12 month old.

Each day is filled with many practical life activities, some time for indoor Montessori “work” , and LOTS of outdoor time.

He thrives being outdoors, so that is where we spend the most time.

Hope you have found this helpful for your family, and if you have any queries or ideas you wish to share with others just write them below!

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  2. Thank you for providing examples. I have found it hard to figure out when to introduce what toys. I know it depends on the child and their interests, but seeing examples really helps. Will have to look into some of these and see if kiddo seems interested in these Montessori activities.


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