The Best Small Business Ideas for Homeschool Parents

If you’re a Montessori parent, your days are busy as you guide your preschoolers through development and health.

So, what if you need to supplement your income without compromising your commitment to your kids? Is that feasible?

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Can you make money from home and still devote all the necessary attention to your children’s well-being and development?

Yes, you can start a business. And you don’t have to sell products online to do it.

Below, we’ve shared some of the best home-based small business ideas for homeschool parents!

Private Tutoring

One of the most natural business ideas may be to become a private tutor as a homeschool parent.

You can teach foreign languages, math, science, reading, history, and any other subjects you are knowledgeable about.

Even giving private swim lessons to kids could be something to consider as “tutoring”.

You could use an established platform like to build your client base or work directly with students from your own website.

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If you nerd out about grammar, editing could be an ideal vocation for you.

You could provide service for authors, bloggers, and writers of any other kind.

Once you start to find your niche, you may need to invest in the proper style manuals to ensure you are following the rules!

Use online job boards that cater to writers and editors to connect with clients!

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Teaching Arts 

If you are artsy or musical, you could teach children and adults how to excel in their craft.

For example, you can use an online platform to quickly build a client base of piano or guitar students that you teach online or in-person in your home.

The same goes for drawing, painting, and other art forms.


If you generally love to help people by giving them advice and walking them through challenges, you might flourish as a counselor.

You could even counsel other homeschool parents who are struggling with their day-to-day responsibilities. 

Or, you could advise them through financial challenges, family issues, or any other area you are knowledgeable about. Set up a website and offer your services via phone, video chat, or webinars.

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If you have expertise in any particular job field or industry, you might try your hand at starting a consulting business.

You can consult individuals and companies on any specialty, and you can make good money doing it without leaving your house.

Whether you have gained experience in IT, marketing, finances, or any other field over the years, put it to use and earn an income by
helping others.

Homeschool Group Administrating

Homeschool groups, particularly co-ops, are on the rise. But many of these groups are growing so large and becoming so active that they need administrators to keep things running smoothly.

Do some research to see if any such groups could use your services.

  • Host a Local Montessori Playgroup
  • Host Book club for local Homeschoolers

Planning Your Home Business

Before you get too deep into looking at all of your home-based business options, take time to get a plan together. First, list your talents, skills, and interests on paper, and research the web to see what type of businesses and job positions could allow you to succeed.

Also, create a business plan that outlines your company description, target audience, marketing strategy, financial goals, and other relevant information that will help you make critical decisions down the road.

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You will also need to establish a business structure that fits your needs. Consider going with an LLC to receive pass-through taxation, liability protection, and many other benefits that can help you lay a firm foundation for your business. If you work with a formation service, you can save yourself time and stress.

Moreover, start thinking through your workspace. You need a home office that helps you work productively and comfortably day in and day out. If possible, set up your desk in an area that gets natural light, and make sure there is enough separation between your workspace and primary living areas.

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As a Montessori parent of preschool kids, you can supplement your income while still satisfying all of your responsibilities at home. Options for jobs while homeschooling can include:

  • Private Tutoring
  • Editing
  • Teaching Arts
  • Counseling
  • Consulting
  • Homeschool Group Admin

Remember to plan and consider all the business ideas above to get started.

Some will require previous skill-sets and accreditation, but if you have them then why not put them to use while working from home?

And keep researching to determine other ways to set yourself up for success!

Written by: Virginia Cooper
Virginia Cooper is a retired community college instructor. She always encouraged her students to see the real-world value in their education, and now, she wants to spread that message as wide as possible. Her hope is that Learn a Living will be a go-to resource for adult learners embarking on starting, continuing, or finishing their education.

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