10 Creative Ways to Make $100 Today

With the online community it has become significantly easier to make money online. Whether by selling items, watching videos, being a part-time tax or starting up your own website, there are heaps of options today to fill you wallet with a little extra income.

I was looking for creative ways to make a little extra for savings and that is how I got started with this website. I was inspired to make some side income and help others be able to reach the same goals. Sometimes between time constraints, location limitations, or family obligations it is just not possible to pick up a 2nd or 3rd job.

Having a side hustle to contribute some side income can really be great to save for:

  • Paying off debt
  • Vacations
  • Big House projects
  • Christmas Spending
  • To Start Investing  (Early retirement Woot woot!) 

Here are some creative ways to make money to help you find a side hustle that suits you.

This list has a lot of variety, I will keep updating this list over time, so don’t forget to bookmark this page!

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1| Facebook Marketplace

Alright so how much do you have hiding in the back of your closet right now? Anything that came home from Christmas and was never touched again?

Maybe the at-home gym you always said you’d use, but never have that’s collecting dust in the garage?  Sell it!

There is no point having an item just sitting around when it could go to a good home that would use it. That Prom dress you wore once and probably won’t wear again, could be the only dress a lovely young lady can afford. 

Just looking at Facebook marketplace now I can see things selling for:

At home gym: $100
Deb Dress: $150
Smart Phones: $100+
Old Wedding Decor: $40 +

Have a look around your house…in the deep dark depths where things go to hide. See if there are items that you really don’t “need” and earn yourself an extra $100 for the day.

2| Walk or Groom Dogs in Your Neighborhood

Are there any elderly folks in your area? Maybe there is a new mom who just hasn’t had time to give “Fluffy” a good brushing and bath. If you have an extra hour to spare at the beginning or end of your day why not offer your services to your local community.

Often the elderly can’t drive to take “Fluffy” to the groomer at a certain point in their life, yet also cannot afford a professional mobile groomer.

This is where you the friendly, novice dog walker/groomer can fill that need and earn a little extra income. 

New mom’s can have similar struggles with not wanting to juggle a new baby and taking the family pet to the groomer.

Those in the medical field might get slammed with work for a few days and could use an extra hand taking “Fido” on a walk around the block. 

Think about how you can fill the need in your own community and earn some extra cash. There are resources to help you find jobs too, like Rover, a website designed to help find dog walking jobs near you.

3| Get Paid to Walk / Lose Weight

Talk about a creative way to make money without needing any extra time. Earn money by walking, something you do while working your normal 9 to 5 job. Here are two avenues for earning money with fitness .

4| Earn Money While You Walk

Sweatcoin is a website which earns you “sweatcoins” while you walk outdoors. You can use these “sweatcoins” in their store to purchase items.

If you go a walk a day during your lunch break or with your family at the end of the day, you can be earning “sweatcoins” to spend later.

With Sweatcoin that money is easier spent in their store than actual cash. If you are looking for an easy way to save up for a special someone’s Christmas present this is a way to do it!

If you combine dog walking with Rover and Sweatcoin App you can “get two birds with one stone” and earn some extra spending money from both at once.

5| Earn Money While you Lose Weight

Healthy Wage is an easy motivator for getting yourself to lose weight with there being a cash incentive if you succeed. You make a bet on yourself losing a set amount of weight.

How much more motivation do you need than that to make sure you reach your goal? 

There is an option to join Healthy Challenges which then can earn you even more cash (Yes they pay out in cash! Not giftcards) if you succeed.

Here is a full review on 3 women who succeeded and earned over $1000 with Healthy Wage. Read this if you are wondering if it is actually possible.

6| Uber or Lyft

Most of us by now have heard of Uber or Lyft. They are essentially letting the average person like you and I become a part-time taxi with our own car. The schedule is extremely flexible, and for a few hours you can earn your $100. 

Maybe every Friday night you can work the early evening hours and get everyone out to their fun event locations. Then knock-off before the drunks are ready to go home …well that’s what I would do at least.  

This is also a great option if you live in a city and University students need reliable transportation to class in the early hours. You might get regulars after a few weeks and enjoy morning coffee chats while you drive them to class each day.

Hey, maybe even some of their knowledge will rub off on you in the process and you’ll learn something new!

7| Rent Out Your Formal Wear

Every so often we get invited to a wonderful black-tie event of some sort. Maybe it’s a wedding or a work function, but now you are required to somehow get yourself all dazzled up.
Getting formal clothing can be REALLY expensive and not affordable for a lot of folks. This lack of affordability might hinder whether someone is able to attend such an event. This is where you come in!

If you have formal clothes tucked away in your closet that you only use once in a blue moon, then why not rent it out to others to use for an evening?

With companies like Fat Llama you can rent out what you already own. Whether it be clothes or maybe other items like go pro or drones. Make money with out having to give anything up are spend a dime!

8| Freelance Writing

There are so many bloggers out there that are strapped for time trying to manage social media, design, and content creation for their websites. Sometimes they need someone else to write some content for them. This could be you!

Maybe starting a whole blog is quite daunting, and it should be it is a LOT of work, so you haven’t went down that path for yourself.
Though, you might still be up for writing content to share for the online community. 

Freelance writing is a great way to earn some extra money, but is A LOT LESS work than running a whole blog yourself and managing all the other aspects. You still need to put the time and make quality content, but no extra time towards maintenance of running the whole show yourself.

It is not as hard as it sounds, you just need to create a basic page to put yourself out there as available and display your portfolio. In the beginning you might do some free work so you can display it in your portfolio, but once you have some work to show you can begin earning income and get your $100 in a day.

9| Share Your Skills

Do you have a hobby that you are fairly good at? Maybe it is sewing, guitar, singing, or botany?  Offer a tutoring or class in this skill for others in your community to learn from you 1-on-1.

If you have 2 students in a day and charge $50 for an hour you could make $100 bucks in a day. Do that twice a week and that is $200 bucks in your pocket every week, or every fortnight if every week is too much for you. 

There are many people out there that want to learn things and have no one to teach them. Sewing is a big skill that is rarely being passed on these days, but there are so many who are still eager to learn and learning off YouTube is just not gonna cut it. I know I personally am terrible at learning anything from a YouTube video. 

If you have a skill you are willing to share, put up a flyer on a community board and/or put up a Facebook Post on a community page. Earn money by just sharing your skills.

9| TaskRabbit or AirTasker(AU)

Talk about a really easy way to make $100 in day. People have already posted they need help are are willing to pay and you can find them on websites like Taskrabbit or Airtasker (Australia).

It might be with moving, placing a picture, gardening, cleaning, or more. 
It may not be a steady job, but if you are just looking to earn some extra cash here and there, then this is a great way to make $100 in a day.

These websites let the average person post up a small odd job they need doing and someone else looking for simple job can easily take that job on and do it for them. I’ve heard of easy jobs just as teaching someone to poach and egg.

Do What Works for You

There are a variety of options for making an extra $100 in a day, a big similarity in many of them is look towards your local community. See a need, fill a need.

It is one thing to ask the big wide world for $100 and wait to see what happens. It’s another to see a need and say “I’ll do that for $100.” 

A lot of folks will point you in the direction of online surveys, video watching, etc. It is a waste of your time. The time you put in is HUGE and the payout is LOW.

It’s not worth your time, your time is precious and should be spent more with friends and family. 

I could have put a bunch of links in this list to point you in the direction of those time-wasting websites, and I didn’t for a reason. I want you to do something that will make you $100, and be worth it. 

Depending on your reason for needing an extra $100 in a day will determine which option will suit you best. Have a look through them and weigh out your options.

I want you to succeed at getting your $100 and still be happy.  I look forward to hearing how it works out and how much you made!

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  1. This is great a greate list that is actually useful. So many people auggest those survey sites which are crap. My inbox just becomes a magnet for Spam after exploring some of those. Never again.
    I really should look into renting out or selling some of my old formal dresses. They really just stay buried and could be earning me some extra girls night money. Thanks for these suggestions!


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